Irrigation System Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Charlotte how to winterize your irrigation system

It’s August, and it’s been a hot summer. Even with all the rain we got in July, our lawns are showing the impact of the heat, that’s for sure. If your grass isn’t browned out, you are either a dedicated homeowner who has been lugging a sprinkler multiple times a day, or you’ve got an irrigation system. To keep that irrigation system up and running, you’ll want to educate yourself on the following irrigation system maintenance.

  1. Get your irrigation system backflow preventer tested every year - and don’t put it off.

It’s easy to “mean to get around to” annual testing, but it’s essential that you get to it every year in order to prevent problems with water supply contamination. Learn more about irrigation system guidelines here at the Charlotte Water website. Your family’s health depends on it.

  1. Regularly inspect your overall watering system for leaks, broken lines or misdirected sprinkler heads. Taking a few minutes once a month to make sure your sprinkler and/or hoses are working correctly is a crucial step to ensuring efficient water use outdoors. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, be sure to run your entire system zone by zone so you can check to see that everything is functioning properly.

As you inspect your irrigation system, check for the following:

  • Signs of leakage, especially damage to sprinkler heads or piping. Repair and replace as needed. Look for perpetual damp spots in your landscape as these might indicate a leak or broken line that will have to be fixed.
  • Accurate spray patterns. Adjust your sprinkler heads so they water your landscape and not sidewalks or pavement. Also make sure their spray isn’t blocked by plants or other materials.
  1. Install a rain sensor. Rain sensors are designed to shut off sprinkler systems when rainfall reaches a preset amount, usually 1/4 inch. Once the moisture level subsides, the sensor re-enables the sprinkler system, resuming the previous watering schedule. Rain sensors should be mounted in an unobstructed area exposed to open sky - minimizing the potential for fallen leaves or other debris to block the sensor.

Need Help with Your Charlotte Area Irrigation System?

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What is the best way to maintain my irrigation system?

The best ways to maintain your irrigation system are to get your irrigation system backflow preventer tested each year and to regularly inspect your watering system for leaks, broken lines, or misdirected sprinkler heads. Also, install a rain sensor. As you inspect your irrigation, check for signs of leakage, especially damage to sprinkler heads or piping and replace as needed.

Charlotte how to winterize your irrigation system

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