Is High Water Pressure Making My Toilet Run?

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Having a toilet that constantly runs can cause you to worry, especially if it runs so much that it is making your water bill increase. A dysfunctional toilet will waste gallons of water per day, so it is important that you know what is causing the toilet to run so you can fix the issue. Learn why your toilet is running here.

Reasons a toilet might run:

  1. Ballcock issue
    1. The ballcock doesn’t properly close, causing a leak
  2. Flush valve that sticks after you flush.
    1. Usually remedied by “jiggling” the flush handle.
    2. Issue is with the link between the handle and the tank ball.
  3. Flapper valve or tank ball sticky.
    1. The tank ball or the flapper valve might not be falling into place in the tank properly.
  4. Floatball issues
    1. A floatball that has not been properly adjusted and causes water to flow into the tank and overflow into the bowl and then traveling right down the drain.
  5. Cracks in the bowl or tank
    1. Water will be draining on the floor, so this problem is easier to detect.

What about High Water Pressure?

 Having high water pressure can sometimes cause a toilet to run. It is not one of the top reasons, which is why it is often overlooked. Have your water pressure tested to make sure it is set between about 65 and 70psi. If the water pressure is higher, a pressure regulator can be installed or replaced in your home’s water service.

Who Can Fix My High Water Pressure?

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Why is my toilet running?

Your toilet may be running for one of the following reasons. The ballcock doesn’t properly close, causing a leak. The flush valve sticks after you flush. The tank ball or the flapper valve might not be falling into place in the tank properly. The floatball might not be adjusted properly, causing water flow. The tank or bowl could be cracked.

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