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Charlotte water filtration system

ER Services Tip of the Month:

Filter Your Tap Water

While we recognize not everyone can afford a whole house water filtration system (which is ideal, since chemicals can be absorbed through the skin during bathing), you’ll want to at the very least invest in a pitcher-style water filter. This way you can improve the quality of the water you drink and use to cook.


Charlotte Water Quality Report

Did you know?

  • Charlotte’s water quality is rated as satisfactory, at best. To understand why, read more about Charlotte’s water quality here.
  • The government recommends investing in a water filtration system for your health. Read more about the government health recommendation here.
  • Many of the bottled waters on the market are actually just bottled tap water, and are not filtered at all.
  • Many bottled waters are sold in plastic bottles made from BCP, which may be leaching these carcinogenic chemical into your drinking water.

What About Whole House Water Filtration Systems?

The whole house water filtration systems we carry and install are highly effective and top of the line quality filtration systems. Most of the pitcher-style and faucet-style filtration systems offer limited filtration capabilities, but our whole house filtration systems deliver crystal clean, purified water every time, to every faucet, showerhead and appliance in your home.

While we support the choice to filter at any level (since at least some filtration is better than no filtration), it’s important to realize that some of the worst chemicals will still be in your water if you go with a lower quality filtration system.

If you install a water filtration system, you can expect:

  • Improved water taste (you’ll drink more water if it tastes better)
  • Elimination of foul odors (it’s tough to drink water if the smell is offensive)
  • Safer water – 99% chlorine and chlorine byproduct-free water
  • Better tasting food (Did you know chefs cook with filtered water?)
  • Fewer water stains—on appliances and clothing
  • Healthier skin, including fewer wrinkles (chlorine speeds up wrinkling)
  • Healthier hair (chlorine bleaches out color and dries out your hair)
  • Extended life of your appliances, fixtures, faucets and pipes
  • No need to ever buy bottled water again
  • Less waste (since you won’t be using plastic bottles, which need to be recycled and may be leaking chemicals into your drinking water)

By investing in a whole house water filtration system, you’ll:

  • Gain peace of mind
  • Support a locally owned and operated business
  • Save money over the long run (when compared to the cost of buying bottled filtered water)

ER Services is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us anytime, day or night, for plumbing services, including details on water filtration systems.


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