Kitchen Sink Stoppage

Is your kitchen sink draining slowly? Have you noticed your kitchen sink smells bad? Have you wondered if your garbage disposal isn’t working right? If you have had any of these problems, you’ll want to address your kitchen sink stoppage right away.

What Causes Your Kitchen Sink To Back Up?

There are several reasons why your kitchen sink may be backing up like this. You might have a problem with your garbage disposal, where the blades are dulled or aren’t operating properly. You might have debris caked inside the walls of the garbage disposal or pipes. You might have something big lodged in the drain, disposal, or pipes. The clog may be way down the pipe where you can’t reach it.

What To Do About Kitchen Sink Stoppage

It’s easier to prevent a clogged kitchen sink drain or pipe than it is to clear one. Once you’ve got this problem, you need to be careful to deal with the stoppage carefully so you won’t hurt yourself. Try the following:

  • Heat water to boiling and try pouring it down the drain to loosen grease, debris and clogged material
  • Use a plunger to loosen debris
  • Disconnect the garbage disposal from the power and try to manually discover what might be causing the stoppage

If You Can’t Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Whatever you do, don’t pour chemicals down your clogged sink drain. The chemicals can cause toxic fumes and can splash back up into your face as you try to unclog the drain. Most of the chemicals don’t work and can cause serious injury or chemical burns, even blindness. It’s better to hire a plumber to come clear your clogged sink than to injure yourself or break your garbage disposal.

How To Prevent Future Sink Stoppage

You can prevent this problem from happening by:

  • Limiting what goes down your sink drain
  • Only putting a few things down into the garbage disposal at a time and running plenty of hot water or ice cubes with the stuff you grind up
  • Never putting grease, vegetable peels, animal fat or skin down your kitchen drain or into your disposal
  • Running boiling hot water (plus salt or baking soda) down your kitchen drain once a month

Let ER Plumbing Clear Your Clogged Drain

Here at ER Plumbing, we are drain clearing experts. We can handle your kitchen sink stoppage with expert service, promptly and efficiently.

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Winner of Angie's List 2014 Super Service Award

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