Meaningful Holiday Gift Ideas

This holiday season consider giving gifts that support local businesses, thereby supporting our local economy. Not only will your gifts benefit the receiver, but they’ll also be a “holiday gift” of sorts for the local businessmen and women who are the backbone of our community. The following are ideas for such gifts:

Crafts Made By Local Artisans

Consider jewelry, holiday crafts, and home décor items made by local artists and sold at locally owned and operated businesses. These items will be one-of-a kind and will be far more valuable than something that was made in bulk overseas.

Service Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who could benefit from a housecleaning service, an auto tune up, an oil change, or landscaping help? Do you have elderly relatives who could use help with lawn work, gutter cleaning, or plumbing services? Invest in a gift certificate for a house cleaning, a hot water heater check up, a toilet replacement, a showerhead replacement, a trip to the mechanic, etc.  This is an especially valuable gift for elderly parents or neighbors if you know they have work they need done around their house, but you either don’t have the time or know-how to do the work for them.

Gift Certificates To Local Restaurants

Check out some of the smaller, owner-operated restaurants around the Charlotte area. You’ll find a wide range of cuisine options and atmospheres, and you’ll get a sense of pride knowing you chose to support a neighbor.

Specialty Shop Items

Have you checked out the many one-of-a-kind cupcake shops, scarf and accessory vendors, boutiques, florists, and shoe shops? Look for small, owner-operated shops that sell unique items you can’t find anywhere else, and surprise your mother with a bouquet or your wife with a cupcake in an exotic flavor. You’ll be surprised how much a thoughtful present will touch the person who receives your gift.

Happy Holidays From ER Services

Let ER Services celebrate the holidays with you. Contact us for a gift certificate for a plumbing service visit for a relative or friend of yours. We’ll gladly share some holiday cheer with your loved ones—and fix that leaky toilet, too.

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