Why You Need to Stop Buying Bottled Water (and Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle)

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Plumber in Charlotte NC Recommends You Stop Buying Bottled Water

School has started up again, and many of us send our kids to school with bottled water. It's much better (health-wise) than soda or juice, and we all know that drinking water helps with hydration and mental performance over all.

The Problem With Bottled Water

However, bottled water is becoming an environmental problem of massive proportions. Only one in five water bottles makes it to the recycling bin. Our landfills are currently holding an estimated two million tons of un-recycled plastic water bottles (think about how light a plastic water bottle is, and then realize how much plastic that must be). Plastic water bottles take over 1,000 years to break down.

The recycling problem is epidemic, but the problem doesn't end there.

Plastic bottles that are not BPA-free can contain harmful chemicals — chemicals you do not want to put into your child's body. And while most of us assume that bottled water is purified, most of the bottled waters on the market are no purer than tap water. They are simply bottled tap water.

What To Do?

If you want to send clean water to school with your child, invest in a BPA-free, reusable water bottle and a bottle brush. For $10, you can send your child to school with clean tap water every day and protect the environment.

Not sure if your tap water is good enough for your kids? You're not crazy to worry. This May 2016 news report covers a problem with contaminated water in a Charlotte neighborhood. If you have well water and/or live in an older home that may have lead pipes or soldering, you have even more to be concerned about. Read this article by USA Today to understand why water quality is becoming a nation-wide concern.

The water we drink (and bathe in, and cook with) affects our health. We are made up of mostly water, and we consume a lot of water every day for basic health functions. We absorb water (and the chemicals in water) through our pores, so even the water we use to wash our hands and for bathing impacts our health. Our kidneys and liver work hard to filter out impurities in the water we consume. Our hair, skin and nails reflect the quality of the water we consume and use, and our overall health (including mood) is affecting by our levels of hydration and quality of our drinking water.

Consider investing in a whole house water filtration system to ensure you are filling that water bottle with purified water. While it's an upfront investment, you'll quickly discover that it pays for itself — especially if you've been buying bottled waters for several people in your household.

Take a moment to calculate out how much you are currently spending in bottled water each week, month and year.

Every single bottle of water you buy from a vending machine costs approximately $1.25, right? If you do the math, you'll discover that you're paying:

$1.25 for 20 ounces, which equals 6.25 cents per ounce.

Since a gallon contains 128 ounces, and you are paying 6.25 cents per ounce, you're paying $8/gallon for water. Believe it or not, when you consider the costs of production of water (most bottled water companies simply bottle tap water), this is far more profitable than oil or gas or even orange juice! Ridiculously so!

Even if you buy bottled water by the pack, you're paying $5 for a pack of bottled waters, meaning you're still paying much more per ounce than you ever should be. You're paying for the convenience, of course, but you are also costing society money (landfill waste, recycling costs) and you're costing yourself money in the long run.

Instead of sending your family members to work and school with substandard water in bottles that will pollute the world we are preparing for our children (and their children), invest in healthy and environmentally sound practices. Look into a water filtration system, even if it's just a small pitcher with a good filter in it.

Of course, we recommend a whole house water filtration system since that's going to get you clean water for all uses. Most water filtration systems last ten years; if you've been buying bottled waters, the system will pay for itself in about half that time. Then it's pure savings — and pure water! — from that point forward. It's well worth the investment to know that your family is drinking, cooking with and bathing in truly safe water.

Interested in a Charlotte Water Filtration System? 

Give us a call at 704-269-1066 or use our online contact form to learn about Charlotte water quality solutions. We'll help you determine if a whole house water filtration system is a feasible option or if you'd be better off using a fridge, pitcher or counter water filter for now.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What is the best alternative to bottled water?

The best alternative to bottled water is a whole house water filtration system. It brings you clean water for all uses and lasts approximately ten years. If you’ve been purchasing bottled water, the system will pay for itself in about half that time, giving you both pure savings and pure water.

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