Plumber’s Choice Best 2016 Gas Tank Water Heater

2016 Best gas water heater

Water Heater Charlotte NC Review of Tank Water Heaters

As we prepare for each year, we look over the new water heaters available. We provide reviews on our site to help homeowners choose the best water heaters for their situations. As experienced Charlotte plumbers, we carefully choose which products we promote – our reputation depends on us recommending truly great water heaters that hold up over time. Read our review of tank water heaters here.

Best 2016 Tank Water Heater Review

For 2016 we’ve selected the Rheem Professional Prestige Series High Efficiency Condensing Power Direct Vent water heater as the number one pick for homeowners seeking a 2016 gas hot water heater. We’re fans for multiple reasons.

Excellent Value

This 2016 water heater is built to last and is built to deliver cost savings. It has dual anode rods, which reduces tank corrosion. The heat exchanger is also coated with porcelain which makes it last far longer than uncoated exchangers.

High Efficiency Ratings

The efficiency rating of this water heater is .80 - .82 EF.

Top Notch Performance

This water heater provides up to 93 gallons first-hour delivery and uses natural and LP gas.

It’s also a very quiet water heater with a whisper quiet blower and a 120 VAC, 60Hz, induced draft blower.

The power direct vents are perfect for those who are concerned about air quality indoors or about air pressure.

Good for the Environment

This water heater sports an eco-friendly burner, which means it has low emissions.

Safety Features

The flammable vapor detection system prevents flammable vapor accumulation.

The venting system is sophisticated and available in varying lengths, providing excellent ventilation.

2016 Gas Tank Water Heater Review Summary

The Rheem Professional Prestige Series High Efficiency Condensing Power Direct Vent water heater is our number one pick for the year 2016 for gas tank water heaters.

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2016 Best gas hot water heater, Review of Tank Water Heaters

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