Plumber’s Choice Best 2016 Hybrid Hot Water Heater

2016 Best Hybrid Hot Water Heater

Charlotte Plumber's Choice: 2016 Best Hybrid Water Heater

Every year we check out the latest and greatest in hot water heaters. As trusted Charlotte plumbers, we take our responsibility for providing hot water heater reviews seriously. Our reputation depends on it!

Best 2016 Hybrid Hot Water Heater Review

This year we’ve chosen the Rheem Professional Prestige Series Hybrid Heat Pump as our top choice for homeowners looking for a 2016 electric hot water heater. If you currently have an electric hot water heater that you think may go out soon, we suggest you go with this model for several reasons.

Great Price

This water heater pays for itself (in energy cost savings) in two years or less. Operating costs are usually $340 per year less than standard 50-gallon electric water heaters. Those savings add up over time!

Highly Efficient

With an efficiency rating of 2.45 EF, this hybrid water heater is ENERGY STAR approved.

Performs Well

This hot water heater delivers hot water much faster than the typical electric water heaters. On average, the 50-gallon model delivers 73 gallons first-hour delivery, and the 80-gallon model delivers 86 gallons first-hour delivery.

The compressor is an 8700 Btu/h compressor.

The water heater has an ambient operating range of 37-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Smart Water Heater

Use the free mobile app and EcoNet WiFi technology to customize temperatures even when away (such as vacations or business travel times when you don’t need hot water being heated in the tank).

The heater is also equipped with a protection device that senses if there is water outside of the unit and alerts you of a possible leak – long before any damage has been done!

Multiple Operation Modes

Choose between vacation, energy saver, heat pump only, high demand and electric heat only settings.

2016 Electric Water Heater Review Summary

The Rheem Professional Prestige Series Hybrid Heat Pump is one of our favorites this year. We love it because we know it beats the competition in performance and energy savings, delivering high quality to our customers while providing long term cost savings.

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2016 Best Hybrid Hot Water Heater

Charlotte Plumber's Choice: 2016 Best Hybrid Water Heater

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