Charlotte Plumber Advice: Plumbing Issues in the South in the Winter

Common Plumbing Problems for the South

Living in the South is a unique pleasure; warm springs and falls, sweet tea, porch swings and mild winters are just a few of the joys this region has to offer. But a love of the south also comes with a bit of disregard for the cold of winter, which, believe it or not, still affects people here.

You may not winterize your pipes, thinking that it won’t get cold enough to freeze them, only figuring this out when they burst and end up costing a fortune. You may not call a professional to winterize your irrigation system, thinking that it won’t suffer any damage on the 65° Southern Christmas Day.

All these and more are issues that may plague unprepared southerners and their plumbing in the winter. The simple solution is to educate yourself and take a few preventative steps to avoid damage and financial loss.


The easiest place to start is with the exposed pipes in your home. Typically in a heated home, interior pipes shouldn’t be at risk – it rarely gets cold enough in the south to permeate interior walls. The pipes you need to be concerned about are the ones in crawlspaces, attics, basements and outdoor faucets or plumbing.

The easy solution is to insulate these pipes – simple how-to guides are available online, but it’s a fairly straightforward process involving insulated wrap and duct tape. Yes, you’ll have to clean it off come springtime, but the few hours will be well worth the intact plumbing.


The simplest solution is to make sure the water supply is turned off. It’s best to have the system “blown-out”. This is a process that pushes all of the existing water out so it won’t freeze and damage the pipes. It’s best to call a professional, as it’s a slightly involved process.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How can I prepare my plumbing for winter?

You can prepare your plumbing for winter by insulating outdoor pipes with insulated wrap and duct tape. When it comes to irrigation, make sure the water supply is turned off. It’s best to have the system “blown-out”. This process pushes all of the water out so it won’t freeze and damage the pipes. A professional can assist with this process.

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