3 Signs It's Time For a New Water Heater

Don’t Let a Faulty Water Heater Mess Up Summer Plans

Many signs can point to the need for a new water heater. Some don’t need much explaining like if the water heater is older than ten years old, isn’t putting out consistent water temperatures, or if it constantly needs to be repaired, it is time for a replacement. 

These are three obvious signs that a replacement is imminent, but what about other signs that a water heater is faulty? Continue reading for more signs that it could be time for a new water heater.

Is It Making Loud Sounds?

soundsEveryone’s experienced it at one point or another. They are sitting in their home, minding their own business, and then the water kicks on, and they start hearing loud rumbling sounds from the water heater. This is sediment buildup within the tank of the water heater. 

This could be a sign that it’s time for water heater maintenance, or it could mean that the water heater must be replaced altogether if too much damage has already been done. So, how are homeowners supposed to know the difference? Call a professional to come out and take a look at the unit and advise the best steps to take. 

Homeowners may even want to invest in a tankless water heater because they run less of a risk of encountering sediment buildup with a tankless water heater. That said, it can still happen within the piping system. Therefore, professionals recommend flushing the tank during every water heater maintenance visit to prevent the sediment from damaging the water heater and leading to the need for a replacement. 

Does The Water Smell or Look Different?

water If anyone has noticed any of the following: 

  • Water that smells bad 
  • Cloudy water
  • Discolored water
  • Rusty water

It signifies that the water heater needs to be replaced. These signals are usually caused by rust and corrosion in the water heater tank due to neglecting maintenance. Routine maintenance is important because it ensures the anode rod and everything else gets replaced when necessary and that the tank gets flushed long before the consequences of ignoring these tasks cause a system to need to be replaced. 

The anode rod attracts all the corrosive materials in the tank to prevent the water heater tank from corroding. They need to be checked during maintenance visits because once it is worn out, they can’t stop the damage to the tank anymore.  Once the water heater tank corrodes, it is hard to reverse, requiring homeowners to purchase a whole new system.  

Check For Leaks

Leaks should always be taken seriously because they can lead to extensive damage and higher water bills. Leaks can usually be fixed quickly and easily by professionals, but when there is a crack in the tank of a water heater, a full replacement may be necessary.  

A leaking or cracked water heater needs immediate attention from a professional to determine the source of the issue and the best way to proceed. Homeowners shouldn’t wait to contact their local plumbing company because the longer they wait, the more damage can occur and the more likely they will need a water heater replacement. 

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