3 Tips For Finding the Perfect Plumber This Holiday Season

How To Spot Trustworthy Plumbing Companies

There is so much to do and to remember as a modern homeowner. The last thing a homeowner wants to consider is whether they can trust the plumber they hired to work on their home, yet it happens all the time. Homeowners will type into Google “plumbers near me” and call the first one to pop up. The research process must have a few steps to ensure that the homeowner hires someone legally and efficiently. There are several different tips below to help homeowners find the right plumbers near them. 

Continue reading to learn how to spot the best local plumbers in the business. 

The Positive Reviews Matter Just like the Negative Reviews Matter

reviewsIt’s 2022. Chances are, most people out there are reading reviews online, and a few of the brave ones are doing the reviewing! There is a special place in heaven for anyone that takes the time to write a review about something, especially anything that has to do with home maintenance and improvement. 

That said, reviews are extremely important in every business today. If the customers don’t like the service, they will leave a negative review, and people will stop coming in or hiring those companies. It’s as simple as that. Reviews hold weight in today’s society. 

Looking through Google, Facebook, BBB, and other reputable review sites, it is easy to find nearly any working plumber in the surrounding area. When looking for the right plumber, there must be more positive reviews than negative ones. 

Once the person has determined the company has many great reviews, they are also urged to check out a few of the negative reviews. The company might do something the homeowner disapproves of, and even if the company generally has positive reviews, the homeowner could still not like the work. There are often negative reviews that give great insight into what a “bad day” for that particular plumber looks like. 

It’s important to be as informed as possible so looking through positive and negative reviews is a must. 

Licensed and Insured Professionals Are the Only Way To Go 

So the reviews look good, and the homeowner has narrowed their search. Before finalizing anything, the homeowner must ensure the plumber is fully accredited

The plumber should:

  • Be fully certified
  • Hold an updated license
  • Be fully insured
  • Preferably have years of experience

The first three points are absolute musts! If any plumber comes to the house and doesn’t have a value license or insurance, they aren’t just putting themselves in danger of harm or lawsuit but the homeowner and neighbors. too 

It is negligent and illegal, and homeowners should know to ask for proof of a valid license and insurance BEFORE hiring! 

Proper Maintenance Is Important Too

maintenanceThe thing about plumbing today is that most companies offer plumbing maintenance for customers. It ensures the plumbing system is always running efficiently without problems

With a maintenance routine, homeowners will always remember to schedule it. The modern homeowner will benefit from hiring a professional plumber on a routine basis. It will make their lives easier, decrease stress, and save them money!

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