A Guide to Pipe Corrosion Prevention

Understanding Corrosion 

Of all of the problems that can afflict a home’s plumbing, corrosion usually isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Clogged toilets and leaks are typically primary concerns since the condition of pipes is generally out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, corrosion is a major problem that can cost homeowners thousands of dollars over the life of their plumbing. 

In this brief article, local experts share ways to prevent corrosion and how to deal with it. With a little knowledge, every homeowner can be prepared and stay protected from this harmful process. 

Protective Linings to Prevent and Restore Pipes From Corrosion

coatingCorrosion is a process in which refined metals combine with oxygen to form a more chemically stable but less useful form of metal. The most recognizable example of this is how iron reacts with oxygen to form rust. Corrosion can happen quickly in the presence of a catalyst or slowly due to hard water and galvanic corrosion. 

One of the most common pipes to be affected by corrosion is iron piping which was commonly used as sewer piping until the last few decades. Iron sewer pipes last a very long time, but they can be costly to replace when they fail. Luckily, a few procedures can be used to protect metal piping from corrosion. Coatings and protective linings can be used to help prevent corrosion from affecting the pipe and can also be used when corrosion has already started. Epoxy is the sealant of choice, and professional plumbers can apply it to the inside of pipes, forming a hard coating and restoring the pipe's structural integrity. 

How Can Water Softeners Help? 

softenerHard water is one of the greatest contributors to corrosion in the home. Good installation techniques prevent galvanic corrosion in a perfectly engineered plumbing system. However, as the years roll on and repairs are made, the system's engineering will not be enough to protect the plumbing. 

Installing a water softener is an investment in the home’s plumbing because it can help prevent some major problems. Water softeners help prevent corrosion by removing minerals and electrolytes from water that speed up corrosion. Not only will they reduce the calcium scale that builds up on fixtures and inside water tanks, but they will also protect metal piping from corrosion.  

Plumbing Maintenance to Prevent Pipe Corrosion 

Professional plumbing maintenance is one of the services homeowners don’t take advantage of enough. Car maintenance is seldom forgotten, but a home's plumbing is often left off the list for routine care. 

Plumbing maintenance is an affordable service that keeps the plumbing working efficiently and saves homeowners money in the long run. The consequences of corrosion are leaky pipes and pipes that burst. Not only do repairs cost money, but the damage that can occur during a major leak or burst pipe can be catastrophic to a homeowner’s wallet. Annual maintenance visits from a trusted plumber allow them to look for any issues and evidence of corrosion and take action before the worst happens and expensive damage occurs. 

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