Dealing with a Clogged Sink Drain

Fixing a Kitchen Sink Clog

The kitchen sink is likely the busiest in the house. It does the regular duty of washing hands, but it also does the heavy lifting during meal prep and cleanup. All of the extra work that a kitchen sink has to do means it can falter over time and get clogged. When the kitchen drain clogs, the sink, and dishwasher are both out of commission until the clog is fixed. 

Kitchen drain cleaning can be an easy DIY project under most normal circumstances. Take advice from some drain cleaning professionals that have seen it all. Here are a few tips for dealing with common clogs in the kitchen sink drain. 

Try Boiling Water

water Boiling water is a great first step in dealing with a clogged kitchen sink drain. Simply boil a few cups of water in a pan to try this. Once the water is boiling, pour it slowly down the sink. This method is only effective if there is still some flow left in the pipes, so it won’t work on a sink that has standing water remains. 

The main reason why this method works are due to the softening of fats and soap scum that coats the walls of drain pipes. When the hot water softens the grime, it is more easily washed away. To prevent this problem from happening in the first place, try things like:

  • Discarding food grease and oil in the garbage
  • Rinsing dishes with a bit of dish soap to capture leftover fatty residues
  • Run the garbage disposal from time to time 
  • Flush the sink with hot water and dish soap when not in use  


baking soda

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another tried and true method for clearing a slow drain is the old baking soda and vinegar trick. Once the sink no longer has standing water, put a few tablespoons of baking soda directly into the drain opening. Pour an equivalent amount of vinegar down the drain and listen for the bubbling cleaning action. 

When baking soda and vinegar combine, they react to form carbon dioxide and water. The mechanical action from the formation of carbon dioxide breaks up the buildup that is present inside pipes. This method is safe and can be repeated as often as necessary or periodically as a preventative cleaning

Call for Professional Drain Cleaning

Sometimes kitchen sink clogs are too stubborn for DIY tricks. Professional drain clearing services have a vanload of tools to solve the problem. A professional drain cleaning can quickly fix the slow drain. 

A plumbing technician will usually dismantle the plumbing below the kitchen sink during a visit. They will likely use drain snakes and soap to clear up obvious clogs, but in some cases, they may have to replace certain plumbing components. They will likely never use harsh drain cleaning chemicals since these are notorious for causing extra damage to a home’s plumbing. 

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