Discovering Exactly How Snaking Pipes Clears Blockages!

The Pipe Snaking Process

Snaking pipes is one of the most common tools plumbers use to help solve pipe clogs in the home. It can be done anywhere there are pipes in the home, but is specifically used mostly in the bathroom and kitchen.

The pipe snake (also called a drain auger) reaches down into the pipes to remove the clog or blockage and return normal function to the pipes. It should always be performed by a professional plumber.

Always Start by Removing Visible Obstructions

removing visible obstructionsBefore a pipe snaking can occur, visible obstructions should be removed. These can include drain filters, visible hair buildup, any foreign objects, etc. In the case of a clogged toilet, plunging can be attempted prior to calling a plumber as well.

Homeowners can also take the p-trap (the curved part of the pipe under the sink) and the trap arm off for more access to any other visible obstructions before the plumber snakes as well. After that, the snake (which is a long metal cable with a handle on one end and either an auger or a spring on the other) is gently threaded into the pipe using the rotary handle.

Once the snake reaches the clog, the handle can be turned in the opposite direction to pull it back up. Water should be run throughout the entire process.

Snaking is Similar to a Drain Cleaning But Doesn’t Replace It

While the way that pipes are snaked is similar to drain cleaning, it does not replace it and sometimes you may even have to consider hydro-jetting services vs. snaking.

Both pipe snaking and standard drain cleaning involves a rotary motion to advance into the pipes. However, full drain cleaning is necessary if the use of a snake doesn’t immediately solve the problem. One way that plumbers clean drains is by using a hydro-jetter.

drain cleaning

Essentially, hydro jetting uses water to blast through the clogs. They also resurface the inside of the pipe, which helps stop clogs from forming again after they are cleaned. Symptoms of the need for an evaluation by a professional plumber include :

  • Standing or slow-moving water in the bathtub or sink
  • Gurgling pipes and fixtures
  • Foul smells coming from the drain
  • Trouble flushing the toilet

Trust an Expert for Effective Results

professional plumberWhile it is tempting for many homeowners to snake their own pipes in an attempt to save money, it is best to have it done by a professional plumber. There are simply too many things that can go wrong with using a drain snake, including significant pipe damage. Plumbers are professionally educated and trained in being able to perform this service quickly and safely.

Damage is most likely in homes that have older pipes, especially those made of galvanized steel. When people attempt to snake their own drains, there is the possibility that it can move around too much inside the pipe and damage it, leaving you in need of broken pipe repair.

In a worst-case scenario, that can lead to cracks or even complete breakage of the pipe. There is also the possibility of injury to the homeowner attempting it on their own. When not operated correctly, the snake can actually recoil backward and seriously injure people.

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