Frequently Asked Trenchless Pipe Repair Questions

What Is Trenchless Pipe Repair, Exactly?

When something goes wrong with an underground pipe, such as a clogged or broken sewer line, homeowners generally have two options – excavation or trenchless pipe repair. Both options have their benefits, but in most cases, trenchless repair is by far the most appealing. However, many homeowners are unclear about trenchless pipe repair and how it works.

Trenchless repair involves repairing a damaged or clogged pipe without digging it up. Professionals use various methods and tools to achieve this, but it generally involves much less heavy equipment and labor than digging a trench to access the pipe. So, to help homeowners make a more informed decision if they have a problem with an underground pipe, this article will answer some of the Internet’s most common questions about trenchless pipe repair!

How Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Work?

Trenchless pipe repair typically works by feeding a new pipe into the existing one or lining the interior of the damaged pipe with a durable coating to seal any cracks. After inspecting the interior of the pipe with a small camera, professionals will usually use one of three methods to repair or replace the damaged pipe:

  1. Pipe Bursting - This involves pulling a metal “bursting head” through the pipe with a high-powered winch, which expands and breaks apart the old pipe. As the bursting head bulldozes its way through the old pipe, a new pipe (typically made of high-density polyethylene) is pulled behind it, replacing the old pipe.
  2. Slip Lining - This involves feeding a new pipe into the old one and then grouting the space between the pipes to hold the new one in place.
  3. Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP lining) - This involves pulling a flexible liner soaked in a special resin or epoxy through the damaged pipe. The resin coats the interior of the old pipe and is then cured using hot air, steam, or another curing element, leaving a durable coating that acts as a new pipe inside the old pipe. The flexible liner is then extracted, and the process may be repeated depending on the desired thickness of the new pipe coating.

What Issues Can Be Fixed Using Trenchless Pipe Repair?

corrosion pipesTrenchless pipe repair or replacement can fix various issues with the home’s underground plumbing. It can be used to seal cracks and leaks or even completely replace sections of pipe that have ruptured or been severely damaged. It can remedy minor pipe misalignment or sagging. And since replacement pipe materials such as resin and polyethylene are corrosion-proof, it can eliminate issues like corrosion and rust in older metal pipes.

Trenchless sewer line repair can also resolve issues like sewage backups and invading tree roots – this typically involves removing clogs or tree roots using a hydro-jetter or special rooter tools and then repairing or replacing any damage using the abovementioned methods.

Trenchless pipe replacement is also commonly used to replace or bypass water lines that have ruptured or deteriorated due to corrosion. It is a good option for resolving slab leaks (leaks in pipes underneath the home’s foundation).

What Are the Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair?

save money There are numerous advantages and benefits of trenchless repair. For one, it tends to be significantly less expensive than traditional underground pipe repair involving excavating the damaged pipe. This is partly because it takes a lot less time, labor, and heavy digging equipment – and therein lie the other benefits of going the trenchless route.

Whereas plumbing excavation and repair can take a week or more, trenchless sewer pipe repair may only take 1-3 days in most cases. Trenchless repair generally only requires digging two small holes at either end of the damaged pipe, so homeowners won’t have to see their landscape or driveway demolished just to have their pipes repaired. Trenchless pipe repair can save homeowners a lot of time, money, stress, and inconvenience!

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