Give Thanks for Working Appliances, Especially Garbage Disposals!

Garbage Disposals Make Holidays Possible

Most holidays revolve around food of some sort. Whether it is an Independence Day cookout or a Christmas cookie decorating party, people always find themselves in the kitchen more on holidays. The menu will range from tasty appetizers to a hearty main course and end with a table of treats. 

To make food preparation easier, kitchen sink plumbing specialists have been helping for years, albeit in hidden ways. Garbage disposals are a holiday helper, even if homeowners don’t realize it. Here is a quick guide to giving thanks for garbage disposals this year. 

drain They Prevent Nasty Drain Clogs

Ever wonder how bad sink clogs got before garbage disposals were the norm? Well, they got bad enough that someone decided to make and install a special appliance to lessen their likelihood. There aren’t but two options for cooks when it comes to disposing of food waste: the trashcan or down the drain. Clearly, enough people chose the sink, and the results were disastrous. 

Garbage disposals help prevent drain clogs by macerating food scraps that make it into a sink basin. On a holiday like Thanksgiving, a garbage disposal is a necessary piece of equipment when it comes to preventing sink clogs that can put a damper on festivities. No doubt there will be food scraps to deal with when it's cleanup time. If food scraps make it into the drain, there’s no need to worry. Just flip on the garbage disposal. 

Tips to Help the Garbage Disposal Last Longer

Garbage disposals are powerful machines that are made to handle a specific task. But, that doesn’t mean that they should be abused. There are a few things that homeowners can do to help these appliances last longer and run more reliably. Here are a few ideas to get the most out of a garbage disposal:

  • Run it often
  • Flush with water as the garbage disposal is running
  • Allow the garbage disposal to run for a bit after it sounds empty, all while flushing with water
  • Keep large quantities of food out of it, discarding it in the trash instead
  • Don’t send potato peels, onion skins, or bones down the drain
  • Flush the garbage disposal and plumbing with hot water periodically 

Signs That Garbage Disposal Repair Is Necessarygarbage disposal

While the tips listed above are a great way to stave off paying for garbage disposal service, there may come a time when repairs are necessary. Garbage disposals are long-lived appliances, and since they are seldom run, and even then only for short bursts, they can be notoriously hard to locate problems. Some of the early signs that garbage disposal installation or repairs are necessary can be:
  • Excessive grinding noises
  • Humming noise instead of normal grinding noises
  • Excessive wobble or vibration
  • Leaks
  • The overload is constantly tripping

Any of these signs make it plain that the garbage disposal needs some attention. Schedule professional help before the problem leads to sink clogs. 

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