Homeowners Head Back to School With Plumbing 101

Basic Home Plumbing

Homeownership takes constant education to keep home maintenance from becoming overwhelming. As kids return to school, take a moment and learn from local plumbers. This quick, informative guide on plumbing can help homeowners better understand their homes and know how to react when problems arise. 

Where Does the Water Come From?

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The journey that water takes to get to a home starts in the source of water that is used by the municipality that serves a home. Common sources are surface water like lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. From the source, a city will treat the water in a treatment facility to make it safe to drink. One of the common misunderstandings about water treatment is that it removes dirt and minerals from the water. Suspended solids and dissolved minerals are still present in treated water and may necessitate the use of water filtration or water softeners. 

Treated water travels through special pipes where it arrives in a home. After passing through a metering device, the water is pushed into piping within the walls of the house. It branches immediately to feed water to the hot water heater. From there, two sets of piping, one transporting cold water and the other hot water, carry water to bathrooms, kitchens, and appliances all over the house. 

Plumbing Fixtures Commonly Found in Homes

The difficulty with which water used to be obtained is totally eclipsed by the ease with which it is received in a modern home. Hot and cold water serve multiple rooms and appliances around the house that contribute to the convenience that is modern plumbing. 

One of the most important appliances in the home is the water heater. Hot water heaters provide temperature-controlled water that increases comfort and sanitation in every home. 

From the water heater, hot water travels to appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. The hot water allows for clothing and dishes to be cleaned and sanitized conveniently. 

Water service extends into bathrooms where cold water feeds the toilet, keeping the home sanitary, and hot water allows for comfortable hygiene practices. It wasn’t so long ago that indoor plumbing wasn’t required in homes everywhere, and it is easy to take it for granted!

Keeping Drains Clean With Routine Drain Cleaning

drain Freshwater plumbing explains where the water comes from, but where does it go once it’s used? The sewer system in a home is of equal importance to indoor plumbing. Before modern sewer and drain systems were typical, used water was discarded in yards or out in the street. As cities got bigger, this became a public health crisis. 

Intricate drains serve every sink, tub, and toilet in the home. They allow for the efficient removal of dirty water, so no one ever has to come into contact with it again. Handling soiled water can lead to frequent clogs that can inhibit drainage to the entire home. Periodic professional drain cleaning can help alleviate the problems that drain clogs can cause. Drain cleaning is done quickly and cheaply, and it will likely save money compared to dealing with a clogged drain emergency. 

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