Make a New Year's Resolution to Avoid These 3 Common Plumbing Mistakes

These Simple Plumbing Mistakes Can Ruin the New Year

A simple mistake can cause devastating property damage or personal injury when it comes to plumbing accidents. Following the tips in this article for preventing plumbing emergencies can save homeowners time and money in the new year.  

Using liquid drain cleaners, neglecting to do maintenance, and DIY’ing plumbing installations are three of the most common mistakes that lead to plumbing disasters. To start the year off right, homeowners should resolve not to make any of these avoidable plumbing mistakes.

Using Liquid Drain Cleaner To Unclog Drains 

cleanersUsing bathroom or kitchen drains to dispose of solids instead of throwing them in the trashcan is a leading cause of clogged drains. Homeowners should avoid flushing anything besides toilet paper in the toilet. Homeowners should resolve to keep up with drain maintenance and cleaning to prevent clogged drains this year. 

If a clog does occur, homeowners may be tempted by promises made by the advertisers of liquid drain cleaners to quickly and affordably unclog a drain, but these products often do not live up to the hype. Drain cleaning services from professional plumbers remove blockages from the pipes safely and quickly the first time.

The danger of using liquid drain cleaner is that it contains toxic chemicals which burn through the blockage, and they often do not remove the blockage effectively. With the blockage still in place, the toxic fumes from the chemicals have no place to go but up. The fumes from the chemicals can cause light-headedness and respiratory symptoms, and the liquid itself will burn the skin if touched. 

Neglecting To Keep Up With Water Heater Maintenance 

plumber Water heaters are some of the most frequently used pieces of plumbing hardware in the home, so it makes sense that they need some regular maintenance to keep up with the demands of daily use. 

Neglecting to keep up with water heater maintenance could leave the home without warm water for bathing and cleaning if the system fails. Because of the high temperatures within the tank, it is also dangerous to leave a water heater in need of repair. System maintenance helps to catch small problems and fix them before they become a hazard. 

A buildup of sediment inside of the tank is common as a result of natural minerals in the water supply separating. Still, over time this sediment can build up to create a rumbling sound inside of the tank. Too much sediment within the water tank can cause system failure from uneven water pressure, among other problems. Cleaning the sediment from the tank during regular heater maintenance is a good way to improve the longevity of the system. 

Attempting DIY Plumbing Projects 

DIY plumbing installation almost always costs the homeowner more money in the long run. Plumbers complete hours of training to gain certification and licensing to serve their communities safely. Plumbers are also required to have business insurance which covers the risk of property damage or personal injury during the plumbing installation or repair.  

Amateur plumbing installations and repairs are dangerous, and doing them can void the warranty from the manufacturer on the plumbing hardware. Oftentimes DIY plumbing mistakes require a professional plumber to come out and fix what the homeowner has done wrong.  

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