Refresh Yourself This Summer With Water From a New Water Filtration System!

Quench Thirst With Clean Water From a Water Filtration System

It’s no secret that the Charlotte summers are oppressively hot and stiflingly humid. With all of the excess heat brought on by summer, it is crucial to focus on staying hydrated. Heat-related illnesses are all too common in regions where heat and humidity combine to make summers dangerous. Luckily, most heat-related illnesses can be prevented simply by focusing on good hydration. 

Since the heat of summer brings about increased demand for high-quality water, it is vital to think about what is in the water supply. Municipal water supplies are treated to prevent illness, but they can often carry with them undesirable qualities that can reduce the ability of people to drink enough water and negatively impact health. To make sure that drinking supplies are safe, homeowners can install top-of-the-line water filtration systems to boost their hydration this summer. 

Enhanced Taste


A common complaint about municipal water supplies is taste. The taste of water varies significantly from city to city and is influenced by the source of the municipal water supply. The taste of water is affected by minerals that are naturally dissolved into the water and the treatment process. 

When water has an unappealing taste, it extends beyond just drinking tap water. When water tastes bad, it negatively affects cooking. It can also disrupt the natural flavors of coffee and tea. Instead of hauling bottled water in for drinking and cooking, a simple water filtration system can do the trick. 

A new water filtration system can remove the cause of those bad tastes and odors that come from water. This can help people stay hydrated during the summer as well as reinstill delicious flavors into food and drinks. 

Reduces Dangerous Chemicals in Drinking Water

Municipal water supplies are mainly treated to reduce pathogens that might be present. Since most water supplies come from surface sources, like lakes and reservoirs, water can still be contaminated with dangerous chemicals resulting from surface runoff. Some common contaminants that are attributable to runoff or plumbing infrastructure are: 

  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Chloramine and chlorine

These contaminants can have very negative effects on health. Luckily, installing a water filtration system in the home can remove them all from drinking water. 

Removes Dangerous Toxins From the Body

drinking water Water is the primary way that our bodies process toxins. Whether a toxin is water-soluble and removed by the kidneys or fat-soluble and processed in the liver, the end result is the same: toxins are removed from our bodies by urination and sweating. 

Part of the reason humans require so much water is that we are constantly being hit with toxic threats in our environment. Our bodies have multiple ways to maintain our health but proper hydration is the most important because it allows a constant stream of pure water to flush out dangerous toxins. By ensuring that drinking water is pure, toxins can be efficiently removed from the body, and good health can be ensured. 

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