The First Black Woman Master Plumber and Her Story

The Plumbing Pioneer of Then and Now: Adrienne Bennett

Now and then, someone extremely special comes along to revolutionize an area of life forever. Regardless of who it is or what industry they impact, anyone that makes revolutionary changes to anything goes down in history forever. In the world of plumbing, Adrienne Bennett is that person. Most might have expected this person to be a man, but Bennett beat tremendous odds to get to her position today.

She is a woman in a male-dominated field and a black woman. It’s time her story gets told. Continue reading to learn all about her accomplishments in the plumbing industry.

The Beginning

Adrienne Bennett is the first black woman master plumber, but she is more than that. She is determined, hard-working, humble, and confident in her abilities. Bennett was born and raised in Detroit and now owns her own company that focuses mainly on giving back to and rebuilding her home city

How did a woman like this get her start?

She only agreed to a five-year plumbing apprenticeship program after a racial encounter in engineering school led her to remove herself from college entirely in pursuit of something better for herself. She joined the plumbing apprenticeship program and never looked back.

The Come Up

Adrienne BennettNot only is Bennett hardworking and determined, but she is somewhat of a perfectionist. She gives her all at everything she does. Adrienne Bennett remained with an unblemished record throughout her career as a plumber, something only few can say.

She was also determined to climb the ladder of the plumbing industry, simply to push her limits and see just how much she could accomplish. Some of the jobs she held were:

  • Journeyman plumber
  • Master plumber
  • Project manager
  • Plumbing inspector
  • Code enforcement officer

And she did all of this for her home city of Detroit. As a black master plumber, Bennett saw a lot of criticism in the industry. She was also a woman plumber in a men-dominated field, but she didn’t let anything stop her. It only made her stronger. After this decade-long journey, Bennett sought out the only thing she saw left to accomplish was to be an independent plumbing contractor.

Her Today

Contractors standing aroundAs her final frontier, Bennett started her independent contracting company called Benkari in 2007. The company works with plumbing and water conservation, focused on rebuilding her home city of Detroit.

Today, the company works with large corporations and only continues to grow. She has crushed through every glass ceiling in her way, and now her efforts and growth are limitless. Benkari’s growth will never stop as long as Bennett is a part of the process.

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