Treat Mom to a Spa Day This Mother's Day

Bathroom Remodeling Is the Best Mother’s Day Gift 

In honor of Mother’s Day, our plumbing experts want to discuss how to transform the bathroom into a home spa. This holiday is all about celebrating the vital role of mothers in society. Giving the bathroom an upgrade is a great way to show gratitude this Mother’s Day. 

One thing that most mothers wish that they could have more of is rest, relaxation, and alone time. Turning the bathroom into a luxury home spa for Mother’s Day is a surprise that will be remembered! Keep reading to find out the best bathroom design ideas for transforming the bathroom into a home spa. 

Luxury Shower Upgrade 


There have been all kinds of advancements in showerheads in recent years. From Bluetooth speakers to LED lights, there are many ways that modern showerheads improve upon the showering experience. Upgrading the showerhead to a stylish, luxury option can help to transform the shower into a place of relaxation. 

The water used for showering can affect hair, skin, and nails. Installing a water filtration system for the shower can help mom keep her hair and skin looking and feeling healthy. Rain showers are another great idea for mothers day. A rain shower is a significant overhead showerhead that rains down water. These types of showerheads are often found in luxury spas. 

Spa Bathtub Installation


For maximum relaxation, consider installing a new bathtub. There are numerous health benefits to taking baths, including reducing stress levels and relieving body aches. A new spa bathtub is a gift that will continue to give for years to come. A classic clawfoot bathtub could be a dream come true for some moms. Others may prefer a modern, minimalist-style tub. 

Some bathtubs have massaging jets that take the bathing experience to the next level of luxury and relaxation. Another feature in some bathtubs is built-in LED lighting or speakers for music. Baths are an incredible way for mothers to relieve stress, relax, and unwind after a long day. Adding bath salts and essential oils to the water can make the bath even more luxurious. 

Bathroom Interior Design Upgrades

In addition to bathroom remodeling for the shower area, homeowners should consider installing new plumbing fixtures such as sinks and faucets. A new bathroom sink upgrade can help give the bathroom’s aesthetic a makeover. If a bathroom remodel is not on the table, homeowners can add candles, plants, and decorations to the bathroom to switch up the look. 

Zen waterfall faucets paired with a vessel sink basin gives the aesthetic of a luxury spa. The style of the sink and other bathroom plumbing fixtures can either add or take away from the space's interior design. Switching out shiny chrome and stainless steel plumbing fixtures for fixtures with warm bronze finishes can make the bathroom look more relaxing. 

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