Upgrade Mom's Kitchen and Bathroom on a Budget

Upgrading Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time where we have the chance to show our mothers how much we appreciate them. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to decide how to express that appreciation. For those struggling with what to do for mom this year, we have some ideas. Many fixtures within the house are easy and inexpensive to switch out. Below we discuss specific improvements that can benefit any home.  

New Bathroom Fixtures Make a Quick Upgrade

Faucets: New faucets are the quickest and cheapest way to give the bathroom a facelift. Switching out for a more modern look can give a bathroom a completely new look and even improve the efficiency of water usage. It is an incredibly affordable project and can even increase the value of the home. 


  • Sinks: Bathroom sinks do not need to be completely replaced to give the bathroom a new look unless there is a structural issue. A new vanity or fun wallpaper can tie the sink into the decor. If the sink sticks out, a paint job is always an option. If a completely new sink is necessary, call a professional for easy installation. 
  • Tubs: Bathtubs are the focal point of any bathroom. Tubs can be expensive to completely replace, so a paint job might be more affordable. An accessory such as a curtain or clawed feet may also be an option. If the tub does need to be replaced, call a professional. 

Kitchen Fixtures Improve Functionality

  • Faucets: Kitchen faucets, like in the bathroom, can bring the entire room together. Depending on the desired look, the kitchen faucet can be the DIY project that brightens up the whole home. 
  • Sinks: Kitchen sinks are a bit different than those in the bathroom. Older kitchen sinks are cast iron or stainless steel, both of which can be hard to “update” if they are in poor condition. However, kitchen sinks are easier to replace if the new sink is the same size as the old one. If the new sink is larger, like an apron sink, a professional will need to expand the hole in the countertop. 

What’s the Deal With Garbage Disposals?

Most modern homes come with garbage disposals connected to the kitchen sink. They are mounted to the underside of the sink and grinds food waste to be washed down the drain. There are no sharp blades in a garbage disposal. Disposals help keep drains clear by grinding up any stray food bits that fall into the sink. 

However, it is essential to remember that not everything should be put in a garbage disposal. If used properly, garbage disposals can help reduce pipe clogs and leaks. This can improve drainage overall and save the homeowner money. Including one could also add value to the home. 

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