Weird Plumbing Facts About The White House

Stay Informed About Plumbing This President’s Day

What better way to celebrate President’s Day is there than to learn about the history of plumbing in the White House? The White House is one of the most famous houses in history. It is rare that someone doesn’t know the street address of what’s referred to as America’s Home. Professional plumbers have fun historical facts about the White House plumbing system that, at the very least, can provide some entertainment for homeowners. 

Who knows? Homeowners might even learn a few things about plumbing history that will incite new respect for how far indoor plumbing has progressed through the years. 

The Day The White House Got Plumbing

Some people think that the White House got indoor plumbing in 1833, around the same time it first got running water. However, America’s House got its first version of indoor plumbing (without running water) during the presidency of John Quincy Adams between 1825-1829.

The President had a water pump installed for the garden and general use within the home. This probably isn’t what homeowners picture when they think of indoor plumbing, so this could be why many people forget it was the first record of plumbing in the White House. 

It wasn’t until 1853, when Franklin Pierce was in office, that the White House finally had a flushing toilet installed. The day the home got its first flushing toilet was a monumental turning point in history. This was the same year The White House coined the term “the bathing room”- a term still used today. 

The Famous Custom Bathtub Installed for President Taft

white house

If someone were to ask President Taft himself if his White House bathtub was custom made to fit his large size, they would probably receive an evil gaze in return. The president never claimed this rumor to be true. However, the evidence says otherwise. 

There’s no hiding the fact that president Taft was a large man. Weighing in at 350 pounds, Taft was considered a “political heavyweight” in more ways than one. 

There came a day in Taft’s presidency, unfortunately for many people, when he found himself stuck in the White House bathtub. Shortly after this incident, the president quickly had a custom bathtub installed.  

Although he swore the custom bathtub had nothing to do with him getting stuck in the previous bathtub, that isn’t so much how America remembers it. 

The Watergate “Plumbers”

The Watergate Scandal will live in infamy perhaps until the end of time. Many Americans label it as the single worst thing a president has ever done. What a lot of people aren’t told, or don’t remember, is the infamous group in charge of it all - The Plumbers. Of course, these weren’t actual plumbing technicians. But “The Plumbers” was the name given to the group President Nixon worked with (led by G. Gordon Liddy) to figure out who leaked the Pentagon’s papers during that time. “Plumbers” find the “leak,” get it?


However, the group did a lot more than what met the eye. They

  • Stole from the Brookings Institution on orders from President Nixon
  • Tried to frame Ellsberg for feeding false stories to the media 
  • Gathered incriminating evidence on the alleged spies but then leaked the info to the media 

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