Prevent Water Damage By Installing Water Cops

The Protection of Water Cops

Did you know that more than 2,500,000 American homeowners lose money to water damage from plumbing failures? It’s true: every year billions of dollars of claims are filed with insurance companies, all due to preventable water damage.

What Causes Water Damage?

  • Aging plumbing
  • Faulty plumbing
  • Appliance breakdown
  • Improper installation of appliances
  • Leaks inside walls and crawl spaces

What if Your Washing Machine Breaks Down?

This is a scenario we see all too often. If your washing machine breaks down, your machine may continue to run, causing extreme flooding. Even if you have a drip pan under your washing machine (go check now and see if you have one), your machine will probably keep pumping out water, flooding not only that floor, but seeping through the floor to whatever is below your washing machine.

Now that so many people have washing machines on upper floors, we’re seeing more and more water damage to multiple floors. It can be even worse in apartment complexes, where a flood can damage several floors.

Typical Water Damage

In most cases, water damage includes:

  • Flooring, walls, and ceilings
  • Artwork
  • Heirlooms
  • Pictures
  • Electronics (computers, laptops, televisions, etc)

In some cases, flooding causes electrical outages and risk of electrocution.

If untreated, water damage causes mold and mildew, which can cause very serious health problems, including death.

How Can You Prevent Water Damage?

ER Services provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Charlotte, but we prefer to prevent water damage before it even occurs. That’s why we offer water cop installation, which can prevent water damage effectively and conveniently.

What Are Water Cops?

Water cops are sensors that are placed around your house. They sense the presence of water in places where there should not be water.

How Do Water Cops Prevent Water Damage?

The water sensor senses a leak and sends a wireless message to the water cop. The water cop turns off the water source, preventing flooding and water damage.

Water Cops Installation Will Save You Money

How will water cops installation save you money?

  • You’ll save on insurance premiums
  • You’ll protect your home and belongings
  • You won’t have to replace items ruined by water damage

Most people don’t realize this, but water damage claims may increase your insurance premiums. If you have had to file a claim with your home owners insurance before, you’ll want to install water cops to protect yourself in case of a future claim. The presence of the water cops will show you were trying to prevent water damage. Some insurance companies may even give you a discount on your insurance premiums just because you’ve had the water cops installed.

While your insurance company may cover some of your water damage claims, this is never a guarantee. The best policy is to prevent water damage instead of hoping you can recuperate some of the costs of water damage.

Some water damage can never be recovered. Electronic data, pictures, and heirlooms and three examples of water damage that you probably won’t be able to restore. In most cases, electronics are not covered by warranties against water damage, so you might not be able to recuperate expenses in this common area.

Where Does ER Plumbing Install Water Cops?

Most people want water cops installed near one or more of the following places:

  • Washing machines
  • Water heaters
  • Dishwashers
  • Toilets
  • Refrigerators
  • Automatic Humidifiers
  • Sinks

If you want to go with high end protection, ER Services of Charlotte can:

  • Integrate the water cops with your security system
  • Install a push-button main water control (which is much easier to use than the traditional water main lever)
  • Sensors that detect and prevent pipes from freezing

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