Steps to Prevent Your Well from Freezing

Prevent Your Well from Freezing

In the Charlotte area, we often do not have to worry much about freezing temperatures over the winter. However, many experts are predicting a harder winter this year, which makes more important than ever to learn how to protect your plumbing system from the elements. Depending on the depth of your well, you might need to take steps to prevent your well from freezing by insulating it and regulating the water flow. Learn some helpful steps to prevent your well from freezing.

Get to Know Your Well

The first thing on the list of steps to prevent your well from freezing is to know the details about your well. There is a tag on the well pipe which contains information about well depth, water level and other information about your well. Write down the details or even take a picture of it so you have it for your records. This can give you information on how old your well is in addition to the depth, which can also be crucial to preventing it from freezing. The next step is to take measurements of your pipes that are out of the ground (aka exposed to the elements) so you can properly install insulation on them. If they already have frozen on the outside, warm them with a hair dryer and wipe it dry with a towel.

Insulate and Heat Your Pipes to Prevent Your Well from Freezing

The next step after preparing your information and your pipes is to insulate all exposed pipes. You may purchase foam pipe insulation from a hardware store or even use old clothing or towels secured with heat tape to keep it in place. Another step you can take is to place a heat lamp inside the well house of your well. A small heat lamp can really keep a well nice and warm.

Need Help to Prevent Your Well from Freezing?

Plumbing systems can often be intimidating to maintain for the average home owner. At ER Services, we have many trained technicians that are able to assist you in insulation of your well and well components. A frozen well can mean trouble for your house. Call ER Services today or access our Ask Dave page to post a question about protecting your well this winter.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What is the best way to prevent my well from freezing?

The following are the best ways to prevent your well from freezing. First, look at the tag on your well pipe and write down well depth, water level, and other well information. Take measurements of the pipes outside of the ground so you can properly insulate them. Then, insulate all exposed pipes with foam pipe insulation.

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