Charlotte Plumber Advice: Preventing Frozen Pipes

how to thaw frozen pipes withouth pipes bursting

Frozen pipes.

As a plumber in Charlotte, a lot of my clients forget to prepare for frozen pipes.  That’s why it’s important to prepare now. Before winter chills do more than leave a cold memory behind. While your garden is still bursting with flavors and flowers, prepare for the next season. Preventing frozen pipes is worth the time investment.

Every farmer knows: preparation is the key to success.

Live this motto in every way by investing in more than just your pipes, but your home (or business), your happiness, and your health. Cracks in pipes or busted pipes can cause the loss hundreds of gallons of water a day, potential flooding, structural damage, and mold growth.

To better understand prevention, let’s discuss the culprits.

Three main causes of frozen pipes:

1.     Quick drop in temperature

If the temperature outside drops suddenly, your pipes may not be able withstand such a drastic change and cause them to freeze, and potentially burst.

2.     Poor insulation

Pipes without insulation that are left exposed to the elements are like you walking outside in a snow storm only wearing your underwear. Extended exposure will guarantee freezing, because nothing is helping retain warmth.

3.     Thermostats too low

Even indoor pipes are subject to freezing, if you turn the thermostat too low or fluctuate between varying temperatures from day to night.

Now that you know what causes the problem, here are solutions to prevent it.

1.     Quick drop in temperature

  • Disconnect garden hoses, drain hoses, and store properly
  • Drain irrigation systems (such as sprinklers)
  • Calk area around where outdoor faucets and piping lead into property
  • Turn off valve that controls water flow to outside faucets and piping
  • Calk around incoming pipes
  • Remember to watch or listen to weather reports
  • Ask your neighbor or a professional to keep check on your property (including temperature and pipes) when you’re away
  • Let cold and hot water taps trickle at the faucet closest to the outside wall, preventing stagnate water from freezing

2.     Poor Insulation

  • Search for air leaks near pipes, dryer vents, and cracks in the foundation
  • Have a professional come to your property for a pre-winter inspection
  • Have a professional help you come up with a preventive plan now
  • Insulate all pipes in unheated areas of property (basement, garage, crawl spaces, etc…)
  • Consider rerouting pipes that are exposed outdoors
  • Keep garage doors closed
  • Open cabinets to expose pipes to heat in property

3.     Thermostats too low

  • Never set thermostat below 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 12 degrees Celsius
  • Decide on a warm temperature that meets family budget
  •  Leave the thermostat at that set temperature at all times
  • If you leave your property for winter, drain all your pipes, shut off hot water heater and main water valve before turning off your heating system

If the inevitable still occurs and your pipes freeze:

  1. Don’t panic. Not every frozen pipe bursts, if the situation is handled properly.
  2. Turn on each faucet in your property.
  3. If nothing comes out, leave it on, and call a professional.
  4. If you know which pipe is frozen, place a warm rag or towel around frozen pipe and call a professional.
  5. If a pipe burst, shut off the main water valve and leave faucets turned on.
  6. Make sure everyone in the home or safety personnel for the business know where and how to turn off the main water valve.

Pipe freezing is a big problem. Especially in the South, where a lot of pipes are left exposed to the weather and the weather always surprises us. Even if you insulate your pipes, insulation doesn’t create warmth it only retains it. Be prepared for the next snow storm whether it’s this winter or next.

You owe it your pipes. You owe it your family.

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how to thaw frozen pipes withouth pipes bursting

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