Saving Money In The Shower And Bathroom

Did you know that most Americans use between 80-100 gallons of water every day? That means the typical American family may be using between 300-400 gallons of water each day! We spend an average of ten minutes a day in the shower each day, much of that time wasting gallons and gallons of water. When you add up the waste (especially when you compare the possibilities of low flow showers to conventional shower heads), you’ll realize that’s a lot of water.

Where do we use the most water? We actually use the most water flushing toilets and taking showers and baths. However, you can reduce this tremendous water usage significantly if you switch to low flow shower heads and low flow toilets.

How Much Water – And Money – Can You Save By Switching To Low Flow Showerheads And Low Flow Toilets?

The simple answer is a lot. Enough to pay for the switch, that’s for sure.

The long answer is this: you can save up to 4 gallons of water per minute by switching to a low flow shower head. While you’re at it, install a shower timer to help your family limit time in the shower. Teach women and girls to turn off the shower while shaving legs or waiting for conditioner, and encourage your family never to leave the shower running for extra time.

Switching to a low flow toilet or low flush toilet will save you up to 60% of the water used to flush toilets—which is significant, considering that’s where most of your water usage probably is.

To look into saving money, low flow shower heads, and low flow toilets, call ER Services. Our trained Charlotte plumbers know exactly how to save you money (and save the environment at the same time). We’ll give you plenty of information on all your Charlotte low flow shower head options and will check for leaky shower heads, leaky toilets, and leaky pipes while we’re there. We’ll help you determine if your plumbing is working at optimal capacity and will support you as you make money-saving plumbing choices.

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