Scariest Plumbing Stories – Signs You’ve Got Plumbing Problems Ahead

Are you faint of heart? Looking for the thrill of a fright? These stories won’t make it into a horror flick, but they are signs that you’ve got plumbing problems and could be in for scary… well, at least unpleasant surprises if you don’t get help soon:

I had just blown out the candle in my jack-o-lanterns and turned out the lights when I heard a moaning that sent my heart racing. I hesitated and listened, wondering what could make such an awful sound, and then I heard it again! A bellowing groan, and then the slam of a hammer! What is it?

Moaning and hammering pipes, which can scare even the most brave of us out there. Don’t worry, it’s probbably a sign that your water pipes are not properly braced, or are set up at incorrect angles inside the walls. A quick visit from ER Plumbing can ascertain if you need pipe adjusting or replacement at all, and can save you bigger plumbing costs later, should the issue be a clogged pipe or a water pipe brace or strap that has broken.

Just as I returned from the Halloween party, I headed to the bathroom to remove my face make up. As soon as I turned on the water, I smelled the most vile stench and realized the toilet bowl had overflowed, and my bathroom floor was an inch-deep in stinky water. Fearful for my life, I plunged the toilet bowl, again and again, but the mess only seemed to reproduce. I wrestled with it for hours, fighting a smell that was so potent it might have been alive. What was this dreadful thing?

Clogged pipes, which can turn even the strongest of stomachs. If you find yourself using the plunger a lot, you may be dealing with clogged pipes (usually much farther down the line, requiring hydro-jetting or serious professional snaking) or you may need a new toilet. We can check out your problem, use a sewer cam to check out your pipes (to rule out obstructions such as tree roots), and help you find a solution before you end up with a stinky mess all over your floor, which can cause more damage to your home.

As I passed through the kitchen to sneak one last Butterfinger Bar, I heard a gurgling coming from my sink. The sound persisted, the gurgling getting louder and louder until I was sure an alien was lying inside my kitchen drain, about to burst up through the drain. What could this creature be?

A gurgling drain usually indicates that you need to clean out your drains or pipes. Pipes can become lined with residue, especially if you pour grease down your drains, which gunks up your pipes. Other offending items are hair, vegetable peels, and floss, all of which can end up stuck to the sides of your pipes. They can also clog your drains.

Here at ER Plumbing, we’re used to dealing with scary plumbing problems.  We’re open 24/7, including holidays like Halloween. Contact us any time, any day, and we’ll be there, ready to troubleshoot the scariest plumbing problems you can throw at us!


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