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Are you experiencing a sewer line stoppage? If so, you’re probably pretty desperate to get it taken care of. Sewer line stoppages can be disgusting and cause terrible damage to a home or business.

What Causes Sewer Line Stoppages?

In most cases, tree roots cause sewer lines to back up. Tree roots are far more powerful than you might expect them to be, and they are always in search of water. If there is any sort of crack in your sewer system at all, the tree roots will find it and force their way into the pipe. Once they’ve cracked the pipe open (they often attack at the main sewer line joints), they cause lots of problems. In most cases, they both cost you money (because they cause leaking from the pipes) and they cause a sewer line stoppage that you can’t handle without professional plumbing equipment.

Other causes of sewer line stoppages include grease build up and the flushing of inappropriate products. Sometimes commercial businesses have problems with sewer lines backing up because they don’t have adequate drain strainers in the floors or sinks and too much junk gets washed down into the pipes. Commercial restrooms have problems because patrons flush inappropriate items down into the system.

How Do We Handle Sewer Line Stoppage Problems?

The first thing you’ll want to do is to turn off the shut off valve on the toilets and to get everyone in the home or business to use another source of restrooms until you get a plumber on site.

We use our cameras to detect where the stoppage is occurring so we can deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. Then we use hydro jetters, high grade professional snaking equipment, and industrial construction equipment to deal with the clog, remove tree roots, or replace piping as is needed. We always restore your property to the original state (or better), and we respond immediately. We carry all the necessary equipment on our trucks so we can handle your sewer line emergency immediately and completely.

Check out our photos of some of the tree root problems we’ve dealt with in Charlotte sewer line stoppage cases. You can also check out our videos about how we deal with sewer line stoppages and our restoration process.

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