Charlotte Plumbers Teach Homeowners about Signs of a Leaky Pipe

Signs of a Leaky Pipe

When leaky pipes turn into damaged dry wall and mildew, it’s already too late. Your problem has gone from just plumbing to remodeling. Before a crack in your pipes cracks you up, read through the simple questions below, memorize them, or save them for future reference. Your wallet and sanity, for that matter, will thank you for it!

Let these 3 S’s do the detective work: Sight, Smell, and Sound.


Is your water bill twice the size of your mortgage?

If you see an enormous hike in your water bill from month to month and you haven’t opened a water park in your back yard, then you are probably losing gallons of water to a leaky pipe. First, call your utilities department and have them check the bill and/or meter for errors. If all is clear, then a leaky pipe must be the problem.

Does your water meter continue to move when your water is shut off?

Make sure the dishwasher isn’t running, laundry isn’t cycling through the washing machine, and everyone in the house doesn’t use any source of water for 20 minutes. Go to your meter and watch for movement. If it continues to move, then you have a problem.

Do you see discolored walls, cracks in the foundation or mold formations?

Walk around your home and check the foundation for cracks. Scan every wall in your home for mold formations and discoloration. Also, don’t forget to check near water sources like in the bathroom, behind the dishwasher, around fixtures, and below the kitchen sink.

Any visualization on the outside can predict a problem on the inside of your water system.


Do you smell odors coming from the wall, floor or drain?

If you smell a musty, moldy smell in your home that just won’t go away, it may not be coming from leftovers in the fridge or in the trash can. Let your nose be your guide. Try to follow the smell, or go straight to the problem areas listed above. Sniff the walls, the floors, and the drains.

If you find the odor here, then something is happening down there. Smelly drains mean rusting, corrosive pipes, and if left alone to muster, it will turn into a much bigger problem: Those pipes will crack or burst if left unattended. Get a professional to look into it before the damage gets worse.

Does your home or yard often smell like sewage?

If this is true, then you probably already have waste leaking from your pipes or septic tank. This needs to be resolved right away. This can cause serious illnesses, angry neighbors, and take away the popularity of your famous Sunday afternoon cook outs.


Do you often hear your toilet running or your faucet dripping?

The toilet running could be something minor; if the chain inside the tank is not appropriately connected to the ballooned fixture that weighs on the chain when water flows in and out of the toilet, then extra water could be constantly flowing in and out of your toilet bowl. Lift the back lid and investigate. If everything appears to be functioning effectively, then this could be due to a leaky pipe.

The same goes for a drippy faucet. It can be a minor issue if it’s not turned off properly. You’d be surprised how many people don’t close the tap completely. If this isn’t the problem, it could be that the washers in your faucet have broken or the faucet is faulty, which means something needs to be replaced. This requires tools and know-how. Don’t be afraid to call in someone better equipped for this type of job.

Do you hear running water when you’re not using it?

Everyone loves the Zen-like sound of a babbling brook, but if you don’t own one of those soundscape machines or a table top imitation waterfall, then you should be concerned if this sound is lulling you to sleep at night. That sound of water moving may actually be water moving out of your pipes and between your walls. Please contact a professional.

Professional Help for Signs of a Leaky Pipe

Once you’ve completed a formal investigation, jot down your findings; give yourself a pat on the back; and call a professional. Being intelligent also means to know when you are out of your realm of expertise. Besides, a leak detection specialist (like ER Plumbing) has the latest technology on his/her side. New FCS equipment helps track down the source of the problem faster than ever. Now a professional can get in, do the job, and save you time and money. ER Plumbing is one of the only local Charlotte area plumbers that have their own leak detection equipment.  When you hire them to detect a leak, they don’t have to outsource the work or rent the equipment, both of which means costs that are passed through to the customer. Hire the right plumber the first time!

Don’t let a leak bend you out of shape. Remember these help hints. You will fare better in the end.

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    There are all kinds of plumbing leaks. Some can flood your home, while others are not nearly so damaging. Your approach to stopping a leak depends on the type of leak it is. If the leak is at a joint, tighten the joint. If the leak is in a pipe, remove the section that is leaking and replace it with a new section.

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