Six Signs You Have Hard Water (and Need a Water Softener System)

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Wondering if you have hard water and if a water softener system would solve the problem? Look for the following signs:

1. Your appliances have mineral deposits (scale) build up.

Scale is a hard, chalky substance comprised of calcium and magnesium bicarbonate.

You might see these mineral deposits inside your coffee maker or your tea kettle. They can also form inside your pipes — which you can’t see. This scale build up acts like plaque inside your arteries; it clogs plumbing causing problems with water pressure and functionality of your plumbing system.

Seeing scale build up? You’ve got hard water.

2. You’ve got dry skin and brittle hair.

Itchy skin? Hair breaking or feeling brittle and dry? This happens because of the mineral deposits in the water that cling to hair shafts. Even really high quality shampoo can’t protect against the damage caused by hard water.

The same thing happens to your skin. Most soaps can’t remove the mineral deposits from your skin, so the residue that remains on your skin (from hard water) dries it out, making your skin feel irritated. Hard water can be rough on your skin, causing blocked pores, black heads, and leathery skin.

3. Your clothes look worn and faded.

Sheets looking gray? Feel stiff or scratchy? Can’t get rid of stains and wonder why your clothes are fading quickly? All of this is evidence that you have hard water.

4. Stains are appearing in your sinks and toilet bowls.

Noticing stains under your bathroom sink or tub faucets? Do your toilets have stained rings or stains where the water usually pools? These are signs of mineral deposits, calcium and magnesium.

You can use vinegar or bleach to remove some stains, but you’ll find these are tough to remove. Pick up a water testing kit to find out how high the mineral count is in your water.

5. Your plumbing system keeps failing (especially if you’ve got galvanized pipes).

Galvanized pipes are easily damaged by the build up of limescale inside the pipes. Copper and PVC pipes hold up better, but in either case, hard water gunks up the insides of your pipes like plague in your arteries, making it harder for water to flow through. Limescale affects valves, making it impossible for them to close completely and causing leaks. It also causes excessive wear and tear on your appliances, forcing you to replace them more often than you should.

6. Your drinking glasses are brittle and break easily.

Hard water stains ruin glasses, making them look cloudy and making them more fragile. Until you get a water softener system, you can wash them in vinegar to remove some of the mineral build up, but the best long term solution is a water softener.

So… You’ve Got Hard Water. What Now?

Water softener systems remove excess calcium and magnesium ions using an exchange with sodium or potassium ions. Water softener systems provide many tangible benefits, but the most important of all is that a water softener will extend the life span of your appliances, especially your water heater, which is particularly vulnerable to scale build up.

Thinking About a Charlotte Water Softener System?

Give us a call at 704-846-5371 or use our online contact form to get more information on how to tell if you have hard water and what water softener systems are available. We value our relationship with you, so we always take the time to assess your situation and help you determine the best solution for your home. You’ll find out why our motto is, “Serviced Once, Client for Life!”

Charlotte water softener system, hard water Charlotte NC

This is what mineral deposits (scale) look like on a faucet (close up). This homeowner has hard water and could benefit from a water softener system.

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How do I know if I have hard water and need a water softener system?

The following signs indicate that you have hard water and need a water softener system. Your appliances have mineral deposits (scale) build up. You have dry skin and brittle hair. Your clothes look worn. Stains appear in your sinks and toilet bowls. Your plumbing system keeps failing (especially with galvanized pipes). Your drinking glasses break easily.

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