Spread Holiday Cheer by Helping Elderly Relatives with Plumbing Projects

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Plumbers in Charlotte NC: 5 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Relatives Over the Holidays

Going home for the holidays? Staying with your parents or grandparents, and looking for a way to give back to those you love? Spread holiday cheer by doing a few practical projects for the elderly people you love. These projects are simple and will help your neighbors or relatives throughout the year. Service is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Learn from these plumbers in Charlotte NC, devoted to community service.

Check the Main House Water Shut Off Valve

Because the main water shut off valve is not used very often, it can become rusted and stuck in the "on" position. This is especially true of older homes because shut off valves in older homes are usually metal.

Find the shut off valve and try turning it off. If it is very hard to move into the "Off" position (imagine that you have arthritis in your hands), you will want to try using WD40 to loosen it. If it still sticks or is rusted, considering getting a new shut off valve at a hardware store and replacing it. Some of the new ones are plastic and will not rust.

Check Appliance Hoses for Cracking and Leaking

Older people have trouble getting underneath kitchen sinks and behind appliances to check dishwasher, washing machine or AC unit hoses. Appliance hoses tend to crack and leak after about five years of use, and it's probable that they haven't been attended to in a long time. Replace older hoses to ensure they won't leak.

Flush and Drain the Water Heater

If it's really cold wherever you are celebrating this year, this might not be feasible for you, but if you are in a warm part of the country, consider performing this simple service for your elderly parents or relatives.

A water heater that is flushed and drained annually can last three to four years longer than a water heater that has never been maintained. Give your parents the gift of three to four more years of a working water heater! Click here for step-by-step directions for flushing and draining a water heater.

Insulate Pipes and/or the Water Heater

Many older homes have areas of exposed or vulnerable pipes. Take a quick trip to the hardware store, pick up insulating foam tubes, and insulate pipes - especially those in hard-to-reach areas like crawl spaces or the attic.

If the water heater is an older one, consider getting an insulating blanket and wrapping up the water heater. It'll save them a lot of money otherwise lost on heating costs.

Check Faucets, Shower Heads and Toilets for Leaks

While you're visiting, take a quick tour of the house and look for signs of leaking shower heads, faucets, and toilets. You can easily replace a faucet or toilet flap with a kit from a hardware store. Again, you can help your elderly relatives save money and get a chore out of the way for them that they may have felt was too difficult to take on.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What kind of plumbing projects can I help my elderly relatives with over the holidays?

You can help your relatives with the following plumbing projects over the holidays. Check the main water shut off valve. Examine appliance hoses for cracking and leaking. Flush and drain the water heater. Insulate pipes and/or the water heater. Check faucets, shower heads, and toilets for leaks.

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