Summer Plumbing Tips to Keep Your Home in Top Shape

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As a homeowner, you should prepare for potential plumbing issues. To prepare adequately for the possible occurrence of plumbing problems, it is important to remember that plumbing issues go beyond clogged toilets and leaking pipes. In summer, a time when you may take time off to go to the beach, you will not be around to detect plumbing issues and call for the necessary professional help. This may result in you needing extensive water damage repair to your home and belongings.

Tips to Avoid Summer Plumbing Problems

Several summer plumbing tips can help you keep your home in quality condition. Let’s take a look at what can help you this time of year...

Water Heater

During summer, you can adjust the thermostat of your water heater so that you can save money related to energy costs. This will also go a long way in reducing the wear and tear on the piece of equipment. Such wear and tear can result in leaks, a serious plumbing issue in any home.

Washing Machine

The summer season is associated with outdoor fun and numerous activities. This means that there is likely to be more dirty clothes and increased workload for your washing machine. This makes it important to check for leaks, cracks and bulges in the appliance. If you are going on vacation, checking the supply will help you to avoid flooding in your home.


Working sprinklers play an important role in keeping your lawn beautiful and functional. This is why you should check the sprinkler heads for any debris and blockages. You should also ensure that the sprinkler heads are not up whenever you mow the lawn. This will help you to avoid damages that would result in the lawn flooding and affecting the foundations of the different structures in your home.

Disposal During and After Summer BBQs

It is likely that you will want to entertain your guests with get-togethers and cookouts. Whenever you are doing this, you should ensure that everyone in the home is familiar with the different garbage disposal procedures. When you let them know the items that should not be put down the disposal, you will avoid blockages in various parts of the plumbing system.

Outside Flooding

To eliminate the possibility of the lawn flooding, you should have several downspouts on the lawn. These pipes should be clear and have the ability to drain the water as far away from the house as possible. They should also be pointed away from the foundation of your home so that the accumulated water does not weaken your foundation.

Drains and Sewers

With the various plumbing issues you may experience during summer, it is important to have your drains and sewers professionally inspected. Any defects that are identified during inspection should be addressed in a timely manner. Problems such as clogs and cracks will cause serious problems if they are left unattended and get out of control.


Kids will be out of school in summer, a factor that will increase the workout that your toilet gets. The increased workout will increase the chances of having a clog. This problem can be avoided by educating everyone on what is unable to be flushed as well as advising them not to overuse toilet paper.

Need A Charlotte Residential Plumber?

Regular inspection and maintenance of your plumbing system will keep your home safe and save you the costly damages that plumbing problems will cause. In summer, you should ensure that plumbing systems both inside and outside the house are working effectively.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are the best tips to avoid summer plumbing issues?

To avoid summer plumbing issues, follow these tips. In summertime, adjust the water heater’s thermostat to save money related to energy costs. Check for leaks, cracks, and bulges in your washing machine, also checking the supply to avoid flooding while you’re vacationing. Check sprinkler heads for any debris and blockages. Make sure sprinkler heads aren’t up when you mow!

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