Summer Plumbing Tips

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Summer Charlotte Plumbing Tips

Are you ready for summer? It is right around the corner and here in Charlotte, NC we deal with some warm weather even before the official start of summer. So what do you need to look at in the summer in your plumbing of your house? We will look at some areas you need to be examining. As you get busy with summer activities and vacations, don’t forget your house!

Charlotte Plumbing Issues to Tackle in the Summer

There are a few things you can look for when you maintain your plumbing this summer. Some are so easy that you can do them yourself, but others may require a professional to come visit your home.

  1. Keep limits on your water usage outdoors
    1. Don’t over water your lawn
    2. Keep an eye on the kids if they use the water for filling up the pool or using the sprinkler (too much water can run up your water bill and create drainage problems)
  1. Turn your water heater to “vacation” mode when you go out of town
  1. Maintain your washing machine
    1. Be sure your machine is pulled about 4” away from the wall so your drain hose doesn’t kink
    2. Clean out your washing machine filter (if it has one) and inspect the hose connections
    3. Replace hose gaskets if needed (can be found at your local hardware store)
  1. Keep your garbage disposal working properly
    1. Don’t put greasy foods or fat from meat down your disposal after a cookout
    2. For tips on cleaning out your disposal, follow this link
  1. Get your sewer lines inspected
    1. Tree roots and other debris might cause your sewer lines to be clogged
    2. Hire a professional to come inspect  your sewer main lines

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are the best summer plumbing tips for Charlotte?

These are the best summer plumbing tips for Charlotte. Keep limits on your water usage outdoors. Don’t over water your lawn. Turn your water heater to “vacation” mode when you go out of town. Maintain your washing machine. Keep your garbage disposal working properly. Get your sewer lines inspected.


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