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Charlotte Plumber Advice: How Much Money Will a Dripping Shower Head Cost Me?

How Costly is a Dripping Shower Head? Leaks are a common problem that most homeowners will experience at one time or another. What homeowners may not know is that these minor annoyances can actually be costing them a lot of money as well. Anything from a small leak in a toilet to a huge gush

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How Good is Charlotte Water Quality?

Need a water filtration system Charlotte

We have been discussing whole house water filtration systems this month at ER Plumbing, but do you fully understand why these are important? Water quality can impact your health if you are not using a water filtration system. So how good is Charlotte's water quality? Water Quality Rating System: How Does Charlotte’s Water Quality Rank?

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Why Would I Choose To Replace My Hot Water Heater?

Mathews tankless water heater

When should you replace your hot water heater? Do you know how long a hot water heater usually lasts, how to maintain your hot water heater, and why you’d replace a hot water heater? This simple primer will help you learn everything you need to know about hot water heater replacement. When Should I Replace

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Home Maintenance New Year’s Resolutions

Charlotte plumber

Want to keep your house in tip top shape this year? Have you resolved to take better care of your home, save more energy, and stay on top of that home maintenance list? Here at ER Services, we’re committed to helping you take good care of your home. We’ll offer free tips throughout the year

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Benefits of a Low Flush Toilet

Charlotte best toilet

Have you considered replacing your toilet with a low flush toilet? A low flush toilet will help you save money while preserving the earth’s fresh water supply. A new toilet can spruce up an older bathroom, too, which can make the difference between a dingy-looking bathroom and a modern bathroom. But how can a low

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