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Common Causes of Clogged Drains And Broken Pipes

Have you seen the pictures of some of the projects we’ve tackled lately? (If you haven’t, check out our Facebook page pics. While you’re there, feel free to enter our drawing for a free iPad. Drawing ends March 15th, 2012.) You can see we often deal with clogged drains, clogged pipes, and broken pipes. But

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How Roots Can Wreak Havoc

Charlotte main line

Roots can wreak havoc on any plumbing system.  They are the cause of many broken fresh water lines and a staggering number of drain and sewer issues.  Rooter service can sound simple; just one flip through the phone book or Internet may land you on one of many sites.  Roto-Rooter, Rescue Rooter, Mister Rooter, Rapid

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