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Is Charlotte Drinking Water Safe? 2016 Water Quality Report

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Remember "Erin Brokovich"? Learn About Charlotte Drinking Water Concerns A national report released Tuesday September 20, 2016 concluded that unsafe levels of chromium-6 — known to cause cancer — has been found in tap water serving 200 million Americans across all 50 states. Chromium-6 was first made famous by Julia Roberts in the movie "Erin Brokovich," but

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Is Charlotte Water Safe to Drink?

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Charlotte Drinking Water: How Safe Is It? Fortunately, we live in a city where public water is purified and regulated. However, it’s not as simple an issue as you may think, and what the government deems are “potable” is not always what is truly healthy. As a consumer, you need to learn what you can

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Charlotte Drinking Water: Is a Water Filtration System Worth the Investment?

Is Charlotte's water safe to drink?

Charlotte Drinking Water: Do You Need to Filter Your Water? Water filtration systems may sound hoity-toity, especially when you’re thinking about the “clean” city water that’s coming out of your pipes. But did you know that the average home water supply in Charlotte tests positive for 26 contaminants? There are several reasons why you should

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: Does Your Water Smell Funky?

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Plumbers in Charlotte Explain Causes of Smelly Drinking Water Thirsty as you might be, you won't want to chug that glass if you've got smelly drinking water. If you’ve ever noticed a gross smell coming from the glass of water you’re about to drink, you’ve likely got one of several issues. Here are a few

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How Safe is Charlotte Drinking Water?

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According to HomeFacts.com, the drinking water supplied by Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities rated our drinking water 4.4 on a 10-point scale. A rating of 0 indicates minimally drinkable, while a rating of 10 indicates superior or outstanding drinkability. Unfortunately, that means our drinking water is not so great, especially when compared to drinking water available nationally.

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