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Charlotte Water Heater Experts Troubleshoot 3 Common Water Heater Problems

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Charlotte Water Heater Experts Weigh In In our last article, we discussed three of the top six most common water heater problems, examining causes and solutions for those three problems. Today we explore the other three most common water heater problems and fixes. Problem #4: Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs Possible Issues: You've got bacteria

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Charlotte Emergency Plumbing Tips (When You Need Help Right Away)

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What to Do When a Plumbing Emergency Hits Are your toilets or sinks backing up? Is there water coming out of places it shouldn't be? Have you suddenly noticed a spreading water stain on a ceiling or a wet sinkhole in your front yard? When a plumbing emergency hits, you need to know how to

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: Does Your Water Smell Funky?

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Plumbers in Charlotte Explain Causes of Smelly Drinking Water Thirsty as you might be, you won't want to chug that glass if you've got smelly drinking water. If you’ve ever noticed a gross smell coming from the glass of water you’re about to drink, you’ve likely got one of several issues. Here are a few

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Charlotte Plumber's Advice: Safest Ways to Thaw Frozen Pipes

Step-By-Step Instructions: How to Thaw Frozen Pipes If your pipes do freeze this winter, you could be trapped without water for hours, even days. In addition to being inconvenient, pipes are also extremely susceptible to bursting when frozen. In order to prevent serious damage, you should thaw them as soon as possible. Learn how to

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Charlotte Plumbing Emergency: How to Turn Off Your Water in an Emergency

Where is my Water Shut Off Valve? Water, while essential, is a fair-weather friend. Your perfect, soothing hot shower can quickly turn to disaster if the hot water heater breaks or a pipe springs a leak. In that case, you would spring into crisis mode and do… what? Do you know how to turn off

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