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Charlotte Plumber: How to Install New Toilet Seal – Part 2

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What do you need to do first to replace the toilet seal? First, you need to make sure there is no water in the toilet or going to the toilet. Shut off the water supply by turning the valve clockwise (the valve will be behind the toilet or in the basement directly beneath the toilet).

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: New Toilet Seal – Part 1

What exactly is a toilet seal? A toilet seal is a gasket made of a ring of wax and is on the bottom of the toilet, where the toilet is set on the floor. Why are they important? A toilet seal helps prevent damage to the floor. Without it, the toilet could create scratches and

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Charlotte Plumber DIY Series: How to Replace a Toilet

Learn How to Replace a Toilet Got a broken toilet? Never fear! We will gladly teach you how to replace a toilet. It's easier than you might think! Step 1: Put down rags and newspaper Before you get started, you will need newspapers and/or old towels to set the toilet on once you remove it

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Benefits of a Low Flush Toilet

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Have you considered replacing your toilet with a low flush toilet? A low flush toilet will help you save money while preserving the earth’s fresh water supply. A new toilet can spruce up an older bathroom, too, which can make the difference between a dingy-looking bathroom and a modern bathroom. But how can a low

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