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Ask Dave

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Have a Question for an Expert Plumber? Welcome to ASK DAVE, our exciting new question and answer column. Do you have plumbing questions? Do you need plumbing advice? This is the place to get answers to plumbing questions, big or small. Just post your questions here below on our ASK DAVE column, and David Parker,

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Gas Logs FAQ - Part II

How Energy Efficient Are Gas Logs? On average, gas logs use between 55,000-85,000 BTU’s per hour. In comparison, seasoned firewood burns at a rate of 18-23 pounds of wood per hour (to put out the same amount of heat). Statistics from Nashville, Tennessee concluded that average hourly cost of burning gas logs ran about $1.03

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Gas Logs FAQ - Part I

Can I Install Gas Logs In My Fireplace? Do you have a fireplace in your home, but aren’t sure if you can install gas logs in it? The following guide will help you determine if your can safely install gas logs in your fireplace. Vented Gas Logs Can Be Installed In The Following Types Of

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Thinking About Installing Gas Logs In Your Home?

Are you considering installing gas logs in your home? There’s nothing like the warmth of a fire to bring holiday cheer to your home. Gas logs are now available in a variety of styles, sizes, and options, and many look just like a real fire. Why Choose Gas Logs Instead Of A Wood Burning Stove?

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