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Plumbing Maintenance Tips From a Seasoned Charlotte Plumber

Popular Plumbing Maintenance Tips Have you ever had a plumbing disaster? If not, you are very lucky. Those of you who have experienced a hot water heater outage, a sewer line back up, or a leaking toilet know that plumbing disasters are no fun. They are often smelly, disruptive and cause property damage. That’s why

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: What is a Hydro Jetter? Is it Safe to Use on My Own?

Charlotte main line

What is a Hydro Jetter? Have you ever heard of a hydro jetter? Many have not, unless they have experienced a problem with their sewer lines. At ER Services, one of our top goals is to educate our customers on the tools and techniques we use on site. We also aim to teach customers how

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Charlotte Plumbing Advice: Is it Ever Okay to Pour Grease Down the Drain?

Can I Pour Grease Down the Drain? Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with the grease that you have left over from cooking a meal? Many people have different methods of disposing of the grease or even reusing it. One of the most common places that a person disposes of grease from

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Charlotte Emergency Plumbing Tips for Kitchen Sink Stoppage

"Help! How do I unclog my kitchen sink? My kitchen sink won't drain!" Are you experiencing a plumbing problem with your kitchen sink? Since your kitchen sink is probably the most used sink in your house, it can be a disaster if it becomes clogged and will not properly drain. The first thing you need

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Drain Cleaning S(t)inks (Charlotte Drain Cleaning Tips)

Charlotte Drain Cleaning Tips Most people never really consider the life of their pipes or how much this integral household system caters to your civilized lifestyle. That is until something goes wrong. We panic; we pull the cob webs off the plunger; and we poke it aimless in the direction of the problem. Honestly, most

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