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How Much Does a Dripping Faucet Cost (Per Month) in Water Bills?

leaky faucet cost, average water bill charlotte nc

Wondering How Much That Leaky Faucet Costs? Let's say your kitchen sink has a steady drip going. It's just ten drips per minute, right? How much is that leaky faucet (or leaking shower head) costing you in water bills each month? Charlotte leak detection experts weigh in on this question using a simple water drip

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Charlotte Plumber Gives Advice: Water Conservation Tips

Charlotte tankless water heater

Many of us are concerned about the environment. It is important to find ways that each individual can help protect the environment and explore options for conserving energy and resources. Some may not believe that it is important to conserve water, but there are many reasons that this is important to individuals as well as

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Possible Causes for Charlotte Water Bill Spikes

One of the most frustrating things as a homeowner is to experience a sudden spike in a utility bill. Have you been experiencing an increase in your Charlotte water bill lately? There are many explanations as to why your water bill might have increased. We will look at some of the common causes for a

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How Do I Know if I’ve Got a Leak - Charlotte Pipe Leak Detection

How to Recognize Signs You’ve Got a Leak Here at E.R. Services we are the best Charlotte pipe leak detection experts. We understand that many homeowners are not familiar enough with signs you've got a leak, which is why leaks go undetected for weeks and even months, driving up water bills. We’ve been detecting and

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Ask Dave

Have a Question for an Expert Plumber? Welcome to ASK DAVE, our exciting new question and answer column. Do you have plumbing questions? Do you need plumbing advice? This is the place to get answers to plumbing questions, big or small. Just post your questions here below on our ASK DAVE column, and David Parker,

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Why Did My Water Bill Spike?

Did your water bill spike this past month? You know you’ve been watering your lawn more because you aerated and reseeded, but you really don’t think you’ve used that much water, right? How can you tell if a water spike is due to real usage or a plumbing problem? Common Causes of Water Bill Spikes

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Charlotte Plumbers Teach Homeowners about Signs of a Leaky Pipe

Signs of a Leaky Pipe When leaky pipes turn into damaged dry wall and mildew, it’s already too late. Your problem has gone from just plumbing to remodeling. Before a crack in your pipes cracks you up, read through the simple questions below, memorize them, or save them for future reference. Your wallet and sanity,

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