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Charlotte Plumbers Team Up with TV Station for Charlotte Coat Drive

Steve's Coats

Charlotte NC Plumbers Support Kids in Need E.R. Services of Charlotte, NC is teaming up with WSOC TV Channel 9 for the annual Steve's Coats donation drive. The winter coat drive has provided over 120,000 coats to children, babies, and teenagers in need. This year E.R. Services is joining forces with the Charlotte television station

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Take 2 Minutes to Save $40,000 in a Plumbing Emergency

prevent water damage

Learn How to Prevent Water Damage As Charlotte plumbers, we offer a lot of advice that is “nice to know,” but this simple two-minute exercise can save you $40,000 or more in expenses. Take two minutes right now to learn what to do if a pipe bursts in your home. It could literally save you

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Charlotte Plumbers Provide 10 Water Heater Facts

Top 10 Water Heater Facts

Top 10 Water Heater Facts You Need to Know If you're a homeowner, you need to know the following facts about your water heater. A few of these might surprise you, and some of them can save you money and keep you safe! 1. The average household uses approximately 64 gallons of water every day.

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What Causes Sewer Main Line Problems?

A True Emergency Plumbing Situation: Sewer Line Backed Up Nobody likes to deal with a sewer main line problem, but what causes your sewer line backed up in the first place? The following is a situation we see repeatedly: tree root intrusions. Interestingly enough, we often see this with new construction. This is why: Tree

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Advice from a Charlotte Drain Cleaning Service

Charlotte drain cleaning

Best Charlotte Drain Cleaning Advice Nobody wants to deal with clogged drains or clogged pipes. You can prevent drain problems by taking simple preventative measures, recognizing signs of impending problems, and taking action to clear drains when they just begin to be clogged, instead of waiting until the problem is serious. Prevent Drain Problems You

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: How Much Can a Running Toilet Cost You?

Charlotte plumbing company

Charlotte Plumbing Company Advice: Running Toilet Costs An unseen leak in your toilet can be an expensive, hard-to-find problem. If you noticed a water bill spike, you need to know how much a running toilet cost you. The constant running or leaking can cost you $100+ a month on your water bill, so you’ve got to

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Charlotte Broken Water Heater Tips

Charlotte water heater repair

Charlotte Water Heaters: Tips for Troubleshooting Your Water Heater Your water heater is the best appliance that you never see. From lovely, long hot showers to sparkling clean dishes, you’d miss it and notice if it was damaged or broken. So what do you do if you’re suspecting that your water heater might be broken?

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Charlotte Leak Detection Tips

average Charlotte Water Bill

Charlotte Water Bill Spike? If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your water bills, or you’ve heard persistent dripping and can’t figure out where it’s coming from, you may have an undetected leak in your home. It may be your gut reaction to call a plumber, but you could locate the leak on your own

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: Does Your Water Smell Funky?

plumbers in Charlotte

Plumbers in Charlotte Explain Causes of Smelly Drinking Water Thirsty as you might be, you won't want to chug that glass if you've got smelly drinking water. If you’ve ever noticed a gross smell coming from the glass of water you’re about to drink, you’ve likely got one of several issues. Here are a few

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Charlotte Plumber's Advice: Safest Ways to Thaw Frozen Pipes

Step-By-Step Instructions: How to Thaw Frozen Pipes If your pipes do freeze this winter, you could be trapped without water for hours, even days. In addition to being inconvenient, pipes are also extremely susceptible to bursting when frozen. In order to prevent serious damage, you should thaw them as soon as possible. Learn how to

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