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Charlotte Plumbers Provide 10 Water Heater Facts

Top 10 Water Heater Facts

Top 10 Water Heater Facts You Need to Know If you're a homeowner, you need to know the following facts about your water heater. A few of these might surprise you, and some of them can save you money and keep you safe! 1. The average household uses approximately 64 gallons of water every day.

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Tips for Planning a Successful Bathroom Renovation

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Thinking About Renovating Your Bathroom? You feel it every time you take a shower. Your fixtures are old and outdated. Your wallpaper is curling. It’s time for a redo on your home’s bathroom. You need to learn the basics of a bathroom renovation. But it all seems so overwhelming—and it can be. Without a clear,

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: Is My Water Pressure Too High?

Water Pressure Too High? Oftentimes you’ll be disappointed or seeking solutions if you have low water pressure. There’s nothing worse than a shower or faucet that dribbles unenthusiastically when you’re trying to clean up. But you probably didn’t know that high water pressure is actually just as bad. If your water pressure is too high,

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Worried About Water Heater In Attic?

Is It Safe to Have Your Water Heater in the Attic? Many homes have bulky, tank hot water heaters. These typically take up a large amount of space and they’re not something you want out in the open. In many homes across the country, you can find the hot water heater in the basement. However,

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Charlotte Plumber Interviewed for North Carolina Homes Magazine

You can check it out here: Check out my interview, How to Repair a Toilet on North Carolina Homes, one of the top sites for North Carolina real estate, including Youngsville, NC real estate. North Carolina Homes also services South Carolina real estate and Georgia real estate.           Need a Charlotte

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Step by Step Instructions For Insulating Pipes

Step by Step Instructions For Insulating Pipes If you are concerned about pipes freezing, you’ll want to follow these step by step instructions for insulating pipes. This isn’t a hard winterizing project, and it doesn’t take long, either. However, it can save you big time – especially if you are at risk for frozen pipes.

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Steps to Prevent Your Well from Freezing

Prevent Your Well from Freezing In the Charlotte area, we often do not have to worry much about freezing temperatures over the winter. However, many experts are predicting a harder winter this year, which makes more important than ever to learn how to protect your plumbing system from the elements. Depending on the depth of

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Charlotte Plumber Tank and Tankless Water Heater Comparison

Mathews tankless water heater

Tank and Tankless Water Heater Comparison Is your Charlotte tank water heater getting old? Are you worried that your tank water heater isn’t performing the way it should? Are you running out of hot water quickly? Seeing rusty water coming through when you run the hot water? Do you find that your family has outgrown

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Charlotte Plumbing Advice: Locate Your Clean Out Valve to Deal With Clogged Pipes

Learn How to Locate Your Clean Out Valve If your pipes get clogged, you’ll need to open your clean out valve. You’ll need to know how to locate your clean out valve so the plumber can check out the pipes and see if the sewer line is clear or plugged up. That’s why we’re committed

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Congratulations Winner of Summer 2013 Free Tankless Water Heater Sweepstakes

Congratulations, Jeff Reynolds! Jeff received a free tankless water heater in August of 2013. Who is ER Services? Here at ER Services, we provide Charlotte emergency plumbing services. We strive to serve you well. We are: Dedicated to customer satisfaction Open 24/7 Available day or night, 365 days a year, even holidays Charlotte Plumbers Who

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