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Charlotte Plumbing Tricks: 4 Ways to Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests So You Don’t Have to Call in a Plumber

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Plumbing Tricks You Need to Know Worried about clogged toilets? A garbage disposal that smells bad or gunks up? Limited hot water? A dishwasher that doesn’t reliably drain? Follow these simple tips to prepare your home for the holidays. We’re open on Christmas (and fully staffed, too!), so we’ve got you covered. However, we’d love

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Charlotte Green Plumbing: Is It Cost Effective or Not?

Green Plumbing in Charlotte NC Would you like to go green, but you aren’t sure where to start? Your plumbing system is one of the best places to invest first. By switching to green plumbing, you will reduce energy costs, improve overall health and be kinder to the environment. What Does It Cost to Go

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: Help! Toilet Backed Up?

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Charlotte Plumbers Help When Toilets Back Up Are the toilets on your lower level backing up? Do you suddenly have sewage coming out of your toilets? No, your house is not revolting against you, and no, the problem is not that someone flushed something awful down the toilet. In most cases, the problem behind a

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: 5 Ways to Detect Leaks

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Need Leak Detection in Charlotte NC? With Charlotte temperatures plunging low this year, it’s possible for your plumbing to suffer. If your pipes freeze, pressure can build, causing leaks to occur in older pipes, and cold temperatures can freeze exposed pipes. So what can you do to protect yourself? Here are five quick and easy

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Charlotte Plumber Answers Question: How Old is Your Water Heater

To determine how old your water heater is, you will need to two do things. 1. Find the label on the water heater. 2. Determine the brand of your water heater. 3. Decode the label by finding out (chart below) how that brand of water heater documents the manufacturing date within the serial number on

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