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Washing Machine Stoppage

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Is your washing machine draining slowly? Is your washing machine not draining all the way? Is your washing machine drain pipe overflowing and causing water damage and flooding? Have you noticed water building up in the kitchen sink or garbage disposal? If so, you are having problems with washing machine stoppage, something the Charlotte plumbing

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Saving Money In The Shower And Bathroom

Did you know that most Americans use between 80-100 gallons of water every day? That means the typical American family may be using between 300-400 gallons of water each day! We spend an average of ten minutes a day in the shower each day, much of that time wasting gallons and gallons of water. When

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Benefits of a Low Flush Toilet

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Have you considered replacing your toilet with a low flush toilet? A low flush toilet will help you save money while preserving the earth’s fresh water supply. A new toilet can spruce up an older bathroom, too, which can make the difference between a dingy-looking bathroom and a modern bathroom. But how can a low

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