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Is Charlotte Drinking Water Safe? 2016 Water Quality Report

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Remember "Erin Brokovich"? Learn About Charlotte Drinking Water Concerns A national report released Tuesday September 20, 2016 concluded that unsafe levels of chromium-6 — known to cause cancer — has been found in tap water serving 200 million Americans across all 50 states. Chromium-6 was first made famous by Julia Roberts in the movie "Erin Brokovich," but

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Want to Get Your Water Tested? Charlotte Water Quality Testing

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Charlotte Water Quality Issues The Flint, Michigan, water pollution problem and the recent report published by USA TODAY about lead in school water systems nationwide makes it evident that we can't take water quality for granted. Water quality problems happen for three reasons: problems from the city pipes, the housing or building fixtures, and pipes

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Dangerous Levels of Lead in School Water Systems

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Is Your Child's School Water Safe? According to a very concerning report published by USA Today, lead is tainting the water in over 350 school and childcare center water systems, indicating a nation-wide problem with lead poisoning in school water systems. These tests of school water systems were conducted between 2012-2015. Any report of lead

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Is Charlotte Water Safe to Drink?

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Charlotte Drinking Water: How Safe Is It? Fortunately, we live in a city where public water is purified and regulated. However, it’s not as simple an issue as you may think, and what the government deems are “potable” is not always what is truly healthy. As a consumer, you need to learn what you can

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Charlotte Water Filtration Systems Water Quality Myths and Facts

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Water Quality Myths and Facts You probably assume your drinking water is safe because it has passed Charlotte municipal water treatment standards. Learn the truth about the following water quality myths before you dismiss the need for a water filtration system. Myth #1: If my water has been treated at a municipal treatment facility, it’s

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