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Charlotte Plumbers Give Advice: What Causes Brown Rings in Toilets?

Want to Get Rid of Brown Rings in Toilets? Are your toilet bowls stained an unsightly yellow or brown color? Do your toilets get brown rings in them no matter how much you clean them? Do you notice brown, reddish brown or yellow stains in your sinks (where the faucet drips) or shower stalls and

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Plumbing Maintenance Tips From a Seasoned Charlotte Plumber

Popular Plumbing Maintenance Tips Have you ever had a plumbing disaster? If not, you are very lucky. Those of you who have experienced a hot water heater outage, a sewer line back up, or a leaking toilet know that plumbing disasters are no fun. They are often smelly, disruptive and cause property damage. That’s why

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Charlotte Plumbing Basics: How to Use a Plumbing Snake

Learn How to Use a Plumbing Snake Have you ever wanted to be able to maintain and fix areas of your house on your own? A desire to be able to correctly solve problems around your home is common. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. But, how do you fix things like

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Why You Should Never Flush Prescription Drugs Down the Sink or Toilet

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Have you ever wondered what to do with your prescription drugs when you are not taking them anymore? Many people think it is okay to dispose of them any way they choose, such as in the trash, down the drain or even flushing them down the toilet. Correct disposal of prescription drugs is a crucial

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Charlotte Emergency Plumbing Tips for Washing Machine Stoppage

Prevent Washing Machine Stoppage Do you suspect you have a washing machine stoppage, or have you been experiencing some issues with your washing machine draining properly? You might think it’s the fault of the machine itself, but what may really be the issue is that you may have a stopped up drain leading out of

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