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5 Plumbing Mistakes Plumbers Beg You to Stop Doing

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Plumbers in Charlotte, NC, Beg You to Avoid These 5 Plumbing Mistakes! As a master plumber and owner of a Charlotte, NC, plumbing company, Dave Parker has seen a lot of things in his 30 years of plumbing. He's got stories to tell. The following are 5 plumbing mistakes he wishes you wouldn't make: 1. Don't

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Plumbers in Charlotte NC: Does Your Drinking Water Look Rusty?

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Plumbers in Charlotte NC Explain Why Your Water Looks Rusty You may be horrified to find a gross, rusty colored water coming out of your taps from time to time. It’s disgusting, to be sure, but the biggest question on your mind is probably ‘why is this happening?’ The reasons may vary, though typically the

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: Plumbing Issues in the South in the Winter

Common Plumbing Problems for the South Living in the South is a unique pleasure; warm springs and falls, sweet tea, porch swings and mild winters are just a few of the joys this region has to offer. But a love of the south also comes with a bit of disregard for the cold of winter,

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Charlotte Plumbing Emergency: How to Turn Off Your Water in an Emergency

Where is my Water Shut Off Valve? Water, while essential, is a fair-weather friend. Your perfect, soothing hot shower can quickly turn to disaster if the hot water heater breaks or a pipe springs a leak. In that case, you would spring into crisis mode and do… what? Do you know how to turn off

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Where Do I Turn Off the Water to my House?

Do you know how many times we hear this question in Charlotte, NC? Don’t wait until a plumbing disaster occurs. Everyone in your home should know how to turn off the water in your house, beyond turning off the faucet. Follow these simple tips and you and your family can assured if a plumbing disaster

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