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Do you experience high or low water pressure in your home?

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Typically the water pressure in your home should be between 50-70psi.  Pressure is directly related to the location of the water source to your property. If your home is at a higher elevation relative to a tank’s location, you will have lower pressure. Conversely, the lower your home is , the higher the pressure. Low

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How your support helped us win an award.

We just want to take a moment and thank all of you for the love and support you have shown us over the years. It means the world me and my team to have been afforded the chance to meet so many wonderful people. Because of all of you we are able give back to

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How Roots Can Wreak Havoc

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Roots can wreak havoc on any plumbing system.  They are the cause of many broken fresh water lines and a staggering number of drain and sewer issues.  Rooter service can sound simple; just one flip through the phone book or Internet may land you on one of many sites.  Roto-Rooter, Rescue Rooter, Mister Rooter, Rapid

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Whole House Water Filtration with Harmony

Charlotte water filtration system

We are fortunate to live in Charlotte, NC, a city that cares about the state of our drinking water; whereas, in some countries the individuals or communities are left to determine solutions on their own. We definitely don’t want dysentery, cholera, or E. coli infections, so this means water filtration is necessary. However, municipal water

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Drain Cleaning S(t)inks (Charlotte Drain Cleaning Tips)

Charlotte Drain Cleaning Tips Most people never really consider the life of their pipes or how much this integral household system caters to your civilized lifestyle. That is until something goes wrong. We panic; we pull the cob webs off the plunger; and we poke it aimless in the direction of the problem. Honestly, most

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